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Ann and Paul ann.zimmerman@cahabagba.com Pell City, AL
1968 AristoCraft Nineteen - We started out looking for an old boat to restore. We bought one near Montgomery, AL, a second one in Cullman (1968 18 foot) and a third in Gadsden. We are restoring one to keep and 2 to sell. We have been working on one for several months and about to be finished. The 19 will be customized and used to show the upholstery work to customers at boat shows in our area at Logan Martin Lake. We are excited to finally have it in the water and it will be one of a kind. We had to install a motor since it didn't have one, change out the outdrive and all the wiring. It will be as good as new.

Donnie drzin@belsouth.net Cullman, AL
1966 Funliner - The boat, a 18 ft 110 i/o with sliding roof. This boat was put in a barn in 1981 and not touched until I pulled it out recently. The motor will turn freely with a remote starter and the outdrive turn. I plan on fixing this boat because I skied behind this boat in the 70's. This boat was given to me by the owner's widow, so I owe it to him to get this boat going again. It is turquoise and white with turquoise interior.

Dave davidjmcconnell@gmail.com Huntsville, AL
1976 Nineteen

James jejernigan@yahoo.com Vandiver, AL
1972 Nineteen - I have fond memories of the 70's when a family friend we all called Poppa Lock purchased an AristoCraft Nineteen with a 165 Mercruiser in it. It was the biggest, coolest boat I had ever seen. We skied many a mile behind that boat on Lake Martin. As life happened I forgot about that boat until I started looking for a project boat to work on with my boys and I stumbled across a 1972 AristoCraft with a 120 Mercruiser in it. The man who owned it purchased it about 4 years ago as a project and has done most of the heavy lifting on bringing it back to its former glory. The boat is in remarkable condition to be 40 years old. The hull and interior look great with an occasional scratch and scuff you would expect on a boat this age. The original seats were tossed out due to rot and it has been retrofitted with some aftermarket seats that aren't quite as wide as the seat wells but will be functional for now. Would love to see some pictures of how the ski vault was originally covered. Thickness of boards, were they covered in carpet, etc. I know the boards covering this one are not original. Having a new shift cable put on it and hope to be out on Lake Martin and Logan Martin Lake over the Labor Day 2012 weekend.

Gene gboat72@yahoo.com Warrior, AL
1976 AristoCraft - My wife and I started at Non-Proft Organization called Hope Floats (for kids). The purpose is to restore old boats to a like condition and then Raffle them off with all proceeds going to the Family in need. A gentleman called and said he had a boat he would like to donate so I went to pick it up. When I got there, imagine my surprise when I found a 19' 1976 Aristocraft in pretty decent condition despite the fact that it has been sitting out in the elements. Going out this morning to see if it will crank. Will post pictures soon.

Marvin marvinjansen50@gmail.com Tuscaloosa, AL
1973 19 - Mine is running fine now. Pulled inflatable and fun for all. Now to work on cosmetics. Bad news in Tuscaloosa, tornado demolished 1 19 and two 18's on 4-27-2011.

Robert bmiddleton@knology.net Huntsville, AL
1979 AristoCraft 19 – Bought one of the first models in 1971 and loved it. Sold it in 1976 and regretted it since. Presently restoring the 1979 found in Point Lookout, MD.

Scott scott@scottpeach.com Mobile, AL
1976 Nineteen with hardtop & 165 Just purchased 2/14/08, a 1976 Nineteen with hardtop and 165 Merc. White boat with blue top in vinyl. The fiberglass is in reasonably good shape except a repairable hit in the front. All around this boat looks like it can again be a fantastic boat, it just needs some minor repair – only it needs it nearly everywhere. I have already disassembled nearly everything I have to replace and begun to recondition the fiberglass. Over the next month I plan to install new wood, new instruments, new vinyl in spots, new carpet, new steering cable and new engine accessories like the water pump, fuel pump, distributor, spark plugs, blower, batteries (install 2 w/switch) and there appears to be one gasket on the exhaust manifold that is leaking. I hope to be done in time for spring. I can’t wait. Regarding the boat, this was supposed to be an interim boat to an inboard skier, but I am falling in love with the spacious floorplan for such a light boat. I am familiar with this straight six chevy, and expect this boat to really cruise on the water with much better mileage than I would get out of a 350 or 351. I will post pictures when I am done on scottpeach.com

Steven smbrown44@bellsouth.net Somerville, AL
1973 Nineteen - My step dad bought it in 1986. I always loved the boat. They had stopped using it and recently gave it to me. The boat is in great shape, it has always been kept inside and well maintained. I will post pictures.

Dave dave@retrovoice.com Huntsville, AL
1976 AristoCraft Nineteen -- New to powerboating. Found my Nineteen from a local seller. I really love the styling of the AristoCrafts.

John avproavi@aol.com Mobile, AL
1978 19.9

Marvin marvinjansen50@gmail.com Tuscaloosa, AL
1973 Nineteen - I have recently acquired from my neighbor a 1973 Nineteen after sitting 8 years. Looking forward to restoring it and cruising Lake Tuscaloosa and the Black Warrior. It has a Mercruiser 165 with a Chevy inline 6 cylinder. Would like to meet other members nearby.

Nathan wnstnpayne@yahoo.com Birmingham, AL
1967 Funliner 17 -- Spotted this nice old hardtop behind a guys house. Trying to get it back in the water.

Blake codson69@yahoo.com McCalla, AL
1974 9-TEEN -- The boat was my grandfather’s. I have so many fond memories in it. Now it is mine. I’ve been doing some work on it and my 9-TEEN is back in the water. My family and I look forward to long weekends on the lake in our AristoCraft. I wouldn’t imagine of selling it!

Fred fredajrhey@aol.com Leeds, AL
1962 17 Runabout -- Bought the AristoCraft boat when I was 16 and sold it when I was 20. Been missing it ever since (30 years). I would love to find one to restore. My boat was powered b a ’62 Mercury 70 hp 6 cylinder.

Brad bbbrad@knology.net Montgomery, AL
Speed hull - My first boat in 1960 was a used 13 foot AristoCraft. It was sold to me as a “speed hull” not sure if that is the factory designation. I put a 35 horse Evinrude on it and it would fly. The most impressive thing was throwing the throttle to it form a standing start. The bow would come about 45 degrees out of the water and it would virtually fly into a plan. Great memories.

Todd Tflurry@tallaco.com Dadeville, AL
1975 Nineteen - Actually found the top before the boat in a neighbor’s yard. When I asked what it went on I discovered the boat in storage near by. The owner was surprised for my interest in this classic boat. It runs great. Needs lots of cosmetic work. Windshield, plex needs replacing. Vinyl woodgrain. Would love any suggestions.

Mark mark@markhigh.com Tuscaloosa, AL
1972 Nineteen - Just bought my first AristoCraft 12/09. Condition is fair and complete so we should see water in the near future. I have my eyes already on a second one so one of the 2 will be a resto job, I’m guessing.


Anthony filardifabrication@gmail.com Glendale, AZ
1963 Funliner - I have a black hull with red accents AristoCraft Funliner for sale. Needs work, windshield and roof in good condition. Comes with extra engine (Mercruiser 120, came with a 110) and an extra outdrive that has hydraulic tilt and pump (didn't have one) and a lot of extra little parts like gauge cluster, hooks, etc.. Email me for more pics and info. $1400.

Art Clearwaterpond@cableone.net Prescott, AZ
1956 Torpedo

Dick blazekovich@frontier.com Show Low, AZ
Funliner - Purchased the boat yesterday 3/8/2013. Don't know anything about it just that it is an Aristocraft. It is 20FT stem to stern with a 4 cyl motor. Found it sitting at a ranch in northern AZ. it has been there since 1995. We did find what we believe is the serial number (K1947046) Is there a site we can find out more based on this number? The motor is shot and some fiberglass work is needed from sun damage, but not too bad. Hope to have it back in the water by summer. Purchase price $200.00.

Daniel performancemarine@citilink.net Meadview, AZ
1967 18 Daycruiser – 3 liter Mercruiser, Alpha I drive. In real good shape. Completely overhauled. I am interested in selling this great boat. Any offers would be considered.

Eric wwjbd@live.com Sun City, AZ
1971 9-TEEN -- I just brought this boat home through a trade and I am having a great time learning about the history. She still has the sliding hard top, although the windows are missing. Overall, she’s in good shape and with some tlc will be back in the water soon.

Jeff hjorchard@cox.net Phoenix, AZ
Don't own one, but love 'em!!!!!

Scotty casbere@msn.com Phoenix, AZ
AristoCraft 17’ - Just purchased the boat. It has very little damage. I am trying to find out as much info as I can. I do not know the year or the model of my boat. I know it is a 17 foot. Its going to be a cool ride when it is done. Thanks for looking.

Travis the_lost_cowoby@yahoo.com Phoenix, AZ
1973 Nineteen - I just purchased this boat about a month ago and have been out to the lake 3 times now and enjoying it a lot. It has the 120hp Mercruiser. For being its age there are a few minor things that go wrong so I am doing a little at a time restoration. Great boat.


Parker phays98@hotmail.com Fayetteville, AR
2012 Torpedo - Bought AristoCraft in 2012. Unfinished, still working on it. great looking 4 coats of yellow paint on bottom and now we just have to fit the hardware send it off to be chromed and then sand and add varnish and stain. We purchased a 70 horse Johnson for the boat and we are going to get an old cover made so it makes the engine look old. Love the AristoCraft!! The Guy who makes the boats is a great guy we picked the boat up and then toured his shop, it was incredible.

Susan saltydog1@hughes.net Hot Springs, AR Nineteen – A Nineteen was our first boat. We raised our kids on it. We now live on a lake – have many Seadoos, a pontoon, a Crownline, but have never forgotten our orange-red and white Nineteen. We want another one now for our son and his wife. Any out there? Please write me.

Thomas tthejackal01@aol.com Van Buren, AR
1971 9-TEEN -- I traded 2 kids 4 wheelrs for the boat and dual axle trailer, the boat needs a few things done, but overall it’s a good one. I can see a few things that need to be done electrical and appearance wise, but I think it will be a good boat.


Bill skillabill_ty@yahoo.ca Pinawa, CA
1975 AristoCraft 19 - Hi, just purchased and don't really know much about it. I haven't even launched yet, but I discussed with a local mech., who has serviced and driven it. He was impressed with the ride and power it offered. I would sure like to get the hard-top for it or if not maybe someone could recommend a soft top that would justify replacement.

Bob bobfarmer54@yahoo.com Chico, CA
1978 Nineteen - Bought boat in Reno in April this year. Doing a few things to ready for water, keeping fingers crossed all goes well with motor, 470 heard alot of bad and alot of good about it. We will see. I'm in Seattle WA for the summer on job so won't be able to work on it till winter but am exited to be deemed worthy to bring it back to life. As soon as I saw it on Craigslist I fell in love with the lines. Since I bought the boat I've been researching the Aristocraft line and history an am impressed with all. I love the Torpedo too. Who knows someday I may have both. The 9TEEN is perfect for me as I live 3 blocks away from boat ramp on the Humbolt Bay (North Cal. coast) and really needed something with a hard top. Have ordered new glass from factory and decals (have mis-placed decals though will re-order later) boat is pale yellow (probably faded ) interior is white but not original. Bought original seats on e-bay for 51.00 could hardly believe it, it is only the four front. I guess the back ones were sun trashed. Any-how will send pics when I get back to California. Am so pleased to have an Aristocraft connection.

Joe happyjoe@earthlink.net Los Angeles, CA
1954 Typhoon – I found her sitting in a plowed field in Montana. It had been in a barn and had recently been put out in the field with a sign on her, for sale. Like an old dog tied to a tree. I knew I had to take her home. Made the deal and packed her on her way.

Joshua joshbrd@gmail.com Fairfield, CA
1959 AristoCraft

Julian jrfuentes@charter.net Redding, CA
1960 AristoCraft 17’ - Recently purchased from original owner, red fins with white hardtop. I call it my1960 Thunderbird.

Cody crotermund@gmail.com Pleasant Hill, CA
1971 9-Teen This AristoCraft was inherited from my father after he moved to a deepwater ocean boat. I’m currently working to restore the boat to stock and clean up the cosmetics, as the mechanical is in great shape.

Dwight dwightpfaff@aol.com Mountain Ranch, CA
Got this boat for trade has curved windshield hardtop i/o 4 cylinder needs to be restored

Joe joehillphotos@sbcglobal.net Los Angeles, CA
1954? Torpedo I found this boat in a dirt field outside of an antique store. I bought it for $250 and began the restoration. I recently bought a Mercury Thunderbolt Mark 58 for it. Just need a trailer to get her to the lake and I’m on my way.

Buschdog2003@yahoo.com Eureka, CA
1965 – Not sure what model I have. It has an outboard that I have fitted with a 40 HP Honda 4-stroke and hydraulic steering. I love the styling but I am afraid it isn’t well-suited to fishing for salmon in the ocean so I would like to sell it.

Roy roy11@pacbell.net Auburn, CA
TP19135 -- This boat has been in my family since 1958. I learned to ski in that year. I’m going to refinish it. This will be the fourth time that it’s been refinished. I have a problem…on the port side there is a seam in the veneer that is delaminating. Can anybody out there give me help or info? Can you tell by the serial #TP19135 what year the boat is? Thanks.

Keith kunderwood@cityofsacramento.org Orangevale, CA
1972 Nineteen

Jason jhayner@gmail.com Saugus, CA
1956 Torpedo

Mark wallace.d.mark@gmail.com Sunnydale, CA
1972 Nineteen - I was looking for a small ski boat on craigslist and someone had just listed this 19 for a low price. The boat has an intact hardtop and the bubble windows are still very clear. The hardtop is a tangerine color as well as the trim. I knew very next to nothing about these boats as I was hauling it down the highway after buying it. But I have come to find what a unique classic these boats are! The boat is in overall good shape and I'm excited to start restoring it and getting it on the water!

Matthew matt.batista@att.net South Lake Tahoe
1971 AristoCraft Nine-Teen -- Got the boat for free and have been restoring it ever since.

Matthew mrb767@gmail.com Modesto,CA
1975 19 AristoCraft - Living on the West Coast you don't see boats like the AristoCraft 19 so when I saw one on Ebay last year, I jumped on it. I've been restoring it with the help of my father in-law and now she's ready to go. If you see me out and about, give me a shout!

Joseph jmikels@farmersagent.com Vallejo, CA
1967 AristoCraft luxury cruiser -- Parents bought it new in 67 and we still have it. It’s in excellent condition. Covered and in a hydrohoist.

Roy and Sheri roy.houghton@ngc.com Agoura Hills, CA
2005 Torpedo 14 -- This Torpedo 14, named “Knot Glass”, is one of the few to have the rear cockpit cover option. Our Torpedo always gives our family and friends a fun filled ride! The boat with its factory made mahogany rear cockpit cover in place, turns heads at the launch ramp. Many questions too! The only update to the boat has been the installation of the Italian made wood steering wheel. Now standard equipment. Some of the Torpedo’s outfitting features are : 1. New Nissan 40 horsepower motor that has had its cover custom painted by renowned Jim’s Cycle Painting of Gardena, California, to look like a vintage 1950’s Johnson motor. 2. Custom made mahogany paddle and boat hook made by Shaw and Tenney of Orono, Maine. They have been in business since 1853. Top quality! 3. Labels and identification engraved by Thousand Oaks Trophy. 4. Compass and ambient temperature gauge made by Formotion. 5. Vintage Russian made clocks, 1940 Army and 1970’s Mig Aircraft clock. 6. Boat trailer special made by Trail-Rite Boat Trailers of Santa Ana, California, with a custom yellow paint scheme to match the Torpedo’s trim. 7. The motor rigging and installation, fuel system, steering connection, battery installation, instrumentation and throttle rigging, using aircraft quality hardware was completed by Jim Lange of Hi-Tech Marine of Simi Valley, California. Top Quality and Craftmanship.

Jeff jjwallace@earthlink.net Los Angeles, CA
1956 Torpedo 14 -- Found the boat sitting in someone’s driveway with a “for sale” sign on it. $400 including trailer. This was around 1982. Took her home and after a few touch ups, it looked pretty good. Found a used Evinrude 35 hp motor for another $400 and it was off to the lake. Enjoyed the boat for several years. But, lately it has been neglected and sitting in my back yard. I just found this site today and it is making me think of the merits of attempting a restoration.

David dwheeler94598@hotmail.com
1957 Torpedo -- We bought the boat about 10 years ago from a neighbor who was having a garage sale. It has the original Scott 40, the Tee-Nee trailer and original upholstery in good condition.

Matthew mrb767@gmail.com Modesto, CA
1975 19 - Living on the West Coast you don't see boats like the Aristocraft 19. So when I saw one on Ebay last year, I jumped on it. I've been restoring it with the help of my father in-law and now she's ready to go. If you see me out and about, give me a shout!

Ralph bcbound1@yahoo.com San Marcos, CA
1956 Torpedo - Currently restoring my Torpedo. New decks and bottom. Any help or suggestions appreciated. I have a 57 Mark 55E and a 57 Mark 75 and need controls and a tank for each. Thanks

Sal sal@spamarrest.com San Francisco, CA
1956 Torpedo - September 01, 2012. First day of owning a fixer. Starting my learning curve and any help is always welcome.

Stanton sch3@sch-a.com Palos Verdes Estates, CA
1974 AristoCraft Nineteen - When I was 15 years old, my uncle Sunny gave me his Aristocraft. My family and I kept the boat until I left for college, and I have missed it ever since. I am now 49 years old and figured now was the time to relive my childhood. I found a 1974 19 Footer on the Web. She has a 165HP Merc, and is Blue and White. Very complete boat! I paid $1,999 for it and will have it transported back to Michigan where my 93 year old father will enjoy it on lake St Claire. If anyone knows where I can locate one of these 19's in California, please let me know. I am super happy to have this boat in our family for my daughter to enjoy as I did when I was a kid.

Laurie laurietatlock@comcast.net Denver, CO
1955 Avalon - My parents had a 1955 or 1956 Avalon…their first boat. I only have this picture of it. We think it was taken in Montana. My mother died in 1983 and my dad died just this winter. I would love to find one like it.

Scott smhudson6051@yahoo.com Grand Junction, CO
1977 AristoCraft - Bought a '77 19ft sliding hard top with a 470 merc. Put a little work into it. Great running boat, needs a few cosmetics. Get alot of looks.

Roy roybergeron01@yahoo.com Newington, CT
1964 Funliner

Bob bob442w30@aol.com Brookfield, CT Torpedo – I bought this replica in 2005. The boat is used regularly and has needed no maintenance other than a repaint of the yellow bottom. She is currently powered by a 1958 Scott Atwater 40, with a yellow hood and white l/u, which contrasts nicely with the boat. We also use a 1961 Royal Scott 43.7, also yellow/white. She does about 33 mph without twisting the motors too tight, handles very well in calm lake waters. For next spring, I plan to have the upholstery redone, with padded seat bottoms added. Beautiful boat, stops people in their tracks at the boat launch.

Bob bob442w30@aol.com Brookfield, CT 1963 Funliner -- We sold our torpedo in March of 2008 after 2 enjoyable summers. Started looking for a Funliner, and found a 1963 model in Syracuse, NY, where it had been delivered after its May 15, 1963 build. Purchased it from the son of the original owner, complete with paperwork. Boat is loaded with hardtop, rear splash well seats, side windows, and mooring cover. Original Merc 700 still on the boat, appears to be very low hours. Still rides on a 1963 Mastercraft trailer (which required a new axle and hubs to make safe.) boat is white with red trim, but has aged to an almond-like shade. Upholstery is original, excellent, windshield crystal clear. All the boat needed was a good cleaning and buffing, and filling and touching up a few gelcoat chips, which is about complete as of 10/08. She should be ready for the lake in Spring. Really nice looking boat, very roomy.


Howard & Jeanne airbrakemn@yahoo.com Jacksonville, FL
1971 19' - Just purchased a pristine, fully restored, all original, 1971 9 teen with a like new Gold interior, a 165 hp Mercruiser on a pristine Pamco trailer from a fabulous dealer to work with, ClassicsbyLash, owned by Steve Lash and ably assisted by Christy Mann! Bought sight unseen but with lots of excellent photos and a great video from ClassicsbyLash in Lakeland, Florida. Picked up in early October and had my first shake-down cruise with Captain Harry Weber on Saturday, October 20, 2012! Put in at Goodby's Creek boat ramp and headed into downtown Jacksonville, to just north of the Matthews bridge where we u-turned and raced back to Goodby's just before dark. What a super way to spend a cool, gorgeous fall Saturday afternoon on only four gallons of 93 octane marine fuel? You can't have any more fun than that with your clothes on!

Howard Airbrakemn@yahoo.com Jacksonville, FL
1971 Nineteen - I now own the 1971 Aristo Craft Hal Newton used to own and just today purchased a used top from Zach at Lanier Marine in Dawsonville, GA! Plan to contact the Turners about replacement side windows and some accessories!

Eric robertson19372@yahoo.com Interlachen, FL

Kenneth sailfish2511@yahoo.com North Palm Beach, FL
1955 - I found one in Greenwood Lake NJ around 1958. I think it was a 1953 or 1955 model . Is that possible ? It was two tone dark front light in rear had a small seat in rear. I restored it and used it to water ski with a 25 hp Johnson.

Rick boatnik1@aol.com St. Cloud, FL
1972 Nineteen - I found my 72 in the back of a mom and pop boat dealership in St. Cloud, FL. It sat there for years and they couldn't find the owner, it was dropped off for service and never picked up. It took me 2 years to get my hands on it. Got it in 2006. It has the 165 hp all original hardware, gauges and trailer, looks like it had very little use. Green and white boat.

Joseph and Janice jpickens5@cfl.rr.com Daytona, Beach, FL
1963 AristoCraft Funliner - It was given to us by our kids 12 years ago as a Christmas present.

Tom 808bigfour@tampabay.rr.com Winter Haven, FL
1952 Torpedo

Matt mattbraley@hotmail.com Niceville, FL
1969 Nineteen - Paid too much, drove too far, spent too much since to get seaworthy. Hope to get a long enjoyable return.

Rick boatnik1@aol.com Astor, FL
1972 Nineteen (green) - I have the 140 hp, all original gauges, picked this boat up in 2008 in St. Cloud, FL for $1000. New interior and she's beautiful!

Ron rrstrauss@cfl.rr.com Ormond Beach, FL

Alan alanvmcrlty@aol.com Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2012 Torpedo - First 16' built by Bill and Scott since the 50's. Beautiful, roomy and comfortable ride. Yamaha F-70 4 stroke 4 cylinder.

Justin jdinars@yahoo.com Lake Alfred, FL
I think your boats are stunning!

Bob doughboy1939@gmail.com Port St. Lucie, FL
1964 Funliner - Just bought this 17' Funliner and can not wait to get started on the restoration. I bought it just outside Atlanta so maybe it never got too far away from its birthplace. It has a 1975 Chrysler 75 hp motor. It had not been run in awhile but has great compression and spark. It does not need a lot of work. Deck needs repaint and needs new cushions and some chrome work but everything is there. Lucky to have the original hardtop. Looks real clean like it has never been around salt water. I want to clean out the tank and carbs before I try to fire it up. Would like to hear from others that have this boat. It is 16 feet long. I did not know Aristocraft made a 16 footer.

Fred fred.koepp@gmail.com Treasure Island, FL
I am interested in purchasing a used Typhoon.

Bill dbm03@aol.com Vero Beach, FL
Would like to have one, restored 1953 deluxe runabout Feathercraft 25hp Johnson, etc.

Michael mikdeb4286@comcast.net Port Charlotte, FL
1962 AristoCraft Funliner - Just bought this beautiful 17ft Aristocraft Funliner. Once I saw it I had to have it. I'm looking forward to restoring and using her.

Terry tag1@mfi.net Citra, Florida
1999 Torpedo – After having many classic planked boats, I wanted to get another but dreaded the leading planked hulls. This boat is water tight, light, and a versatile alternative to my larger cigarette. Highly recommend one of these boats. You will get compliments on your taste everywhere you go!

Bill saboart1@hotmail.com St. Petersburg, FL

Jill & Bill hilldalee@gmail.com Manolopoulos, FL
1964 Funliner - Just inherited this cute boat, from original owner. It was in a storage facility since 1972 – in fantastic shape but we want to replace horn, rearview mirror, etc., keeping it original. Any pointers where to go? Has original 1000 Mercury which was the first Mercury ever built, this is so cool, finding parts has been a challenge but so far the engine has been the easy part in restoring it.

John johnkerr7@hotmail.com Fort Pierce, FL
1975 AristoCraft - My brother-in-law gave me this boat recently. He lost his sight and parked this boat in his field where it sat uncovered for over a year. I live 650 miles from him. After researching the boat, I knew I had to have it. After finding two tires for the original trailer (which wasn’t easy), I head up there to pick her up. After working on the motor for a couple of weeks, I got her started and running. Her first launching was a flop, but the second one was a grand success! Now I’m on to looking for parts to restore her to her past glory.

Ron HiFlight@hotmail.com North Fort Myers, FL
2005 Torpedo 14 – We took delivery of our Torpedo in the summer of 2005. We did make a couple of trips to the shop to watch the progress of the construction. The result is a beautiful boat that is powered by a restored 1958 Johnson Super Seahorse.

Bill bill127@aol.com Florida
1972 AristoCraft 19

Ken natppas@yahoo.com Ft. Myers, Fl
2005 When I was 9 years old, my father bought a 1956 AristoCraft. It had a Mark 25 outboard. That summer I boated every day in Greenwood Lake, NY. I looked for that replacement for 20 years. Thanks to Mr. Bill I got my youth back, somewhat!

Kenneth admiralkrhill@yahoo.com Casselberry, FL
1957 Torpedo – Boat was given to me as a gift. Sat in a barn in West Virginia for 15 years . Boat is sitting on original trailer. I would like any advice on the boat. Where to order parts, etc. Thanks.

Cory corywheeler@yahoo.com St. Petersburg, FL
1980 Nineteen – I wanted a boat that I didn’t have to fix the floor, transom or motor. This one filled the bill. I found it in my neighborhood, right around the corner. Six months later here it is, fast, clean, dependable.

Virgil virgilwildcatblue@yahoo.com Cape Coral, FL 1956 Torpedo -- currently under construction. It was shown in 1994 on an antique wood boat calendar.
Sean seanman1969@yahoo.com Sarasota, FL 1962 Funliner 17 Just bought this off Ebay this morning…needs a complete restoration….we can’t wait to get her back up and running!

Jay jaydewitt@verizon.net Sarasota, FL
1955 Torpedo -- My Dad earned enough money when he was young by scraping boat bottoms on Long Island, NY and bought a 1956 Torpedo. Years later, in 1994, he purchased this 1955 to restore. Sadly, he passed away in 1999 and on a deathbed promise we agreed to “finish the boat.” I brought it to Florida in 2004 and have it sitting all stripped and part not knowing how to rebuild it. I have some hardware but many pieces are missing and all the decking is removed. Any advice is gladly appreciated.

Charles cnorris31@tampabay.rr.com Wesley Chapel, FL
1980 AristoCraft Nineteen Just purchased this vessel and am trying to find out about the company history. The ship is all original and is in very nice condition considering.

Frank eibellperformance@hotmail.com Clearwater, FL
1956 Torpedo I owned a 1956 Torpedo in 1960 and it was the best boat I ever owned.

Bob ratrodmoco@yahoo.com Mt. Dora, FL
2001 Torpedo -- Just purchased the boat.

Terry TAG1@MFI.net Citra, FL
1956 Torpedo - Was looking for a glassic, but fell in love with the Torpedo, so I got one and now just purchased a herters flying fish glassic as well.

Edward eddiejasnock@msn.com Tampa, FL 1962 17 foot – Boat was recovered in mint condition from a person in Michigan. The boat just needed some cleanup. The Hard removable roof is in excellent condition, over all is in great shape. Since I am in the process of restoring the boat, I need info.

Hal hal.newton@ieee.org Windermere, FL
1971 Nineteen - I own two model Nineteens. A 1971 with the 165 hp Mercruiser and a 1972 with the 140 hp Mercruiser. Dad bought the ’72 new. I found the ’71 in 2003 when I was restoring the ’72. Seems it had been in a barn for most of its life. New gas tank, new fuel pump, new fuel lines, new fuel filter and a carb rebuild got everything running great. We use the ’71 for skiing – cruising – you name it. All freshwater on a chain of lakes near Orlando.


Jack Boatdlrrepair@aol.com Hartwell, GA
1967 - Just bought it today. Hoping to have it ready for the Lake Hartwell Antique Boat Show in April. Need some slider parts for the top if anyone has them. The boat is a 17' not 19.

Billy Wdnewby@gmail.com Rome, GA
1971 Nineteen - I bought 4 Aristocrafts in the late 90's. 2 - 110hp & 2 120hp mercruiser engines, 2 truckloads of miscellaneous parts with intentions of restoring. I also have my grandfathers 67 Starcraft that I have started to restore but would consider selling all AristoCrafts as I do not have time to restore them. They are stored in my barn currently. If any one has interest in a boat or all 4, contact me.

Chuck bigbirdomelia@gmail.com Atlanta, GA
1973 Nineteen - Purchased this boat in 2003 from the original owner. Originally purchased in Huntsville, AL. 165HP Mercruiser still runs like new. ALWAYS been garage kept. Still gets plenty of attention! Even now - at 40!!!

Ed edcotter@bellsouth.net Watkinsville, GA 1979 Nineteen - My step-dad purchased the boat new. We and later his grandkids spent a lot of time on the boat including some trips down the Chattahoochee through the locks to the Intercoastal. I got the boat last year and while it was still running it needed a fair amount of work. It is running good now and so have begun focusing on restoring the looks. Many, many memories...

Hollis hollis.smith@lmco.com Marietta, GA
1972 Nineteen – I've known of these boats since the early70s but this is the first one I've owned. It's a barn find in good condition will post photos soon.

Rory rhamilton@hagerty.com Newnan, GA

Steve sdibling@gmail.com Athens, GA
I am interested in buying a fiberglass hardtop 19, but I don't have a lot of money. I am not afraid of hard work and getting one running again.


Ric paparics@bellsouth.net Gainesville, GA
1959 Matador -- I also have an 1958 Avalon. I had a Torpedo outboard with stern air scoops but sold it to a buyer in Michigan.

Jennifer Jennifer.childdesign@yahoo.com Suwanee, GA
1976 AristoCraft Nineteen -- My parents purchased this boat new at the 1976 Atlanta Boat Show, which was held at the time in the Atlanta Civic Center. My parents went to the plant and watched the construction of their new/first boat. This boat has brought my family and I many wonderful days of enjoyment, excitement, and warm fond priceless memories. Our AristoCraft has been stored in our garage/boathouse, which was specifically built for this boat, since the day it was brought home from Marietta Marine, the dealership they purchased the boat from. She is as clean today as she was the day it left Marietta Marine (In Marietta, Georgia) behind my mother’s 1975 Cadillac. The only thing this great boat begs for is for someone to take her back to Lake Lanier so she can give someone many more fond memories.

Russell captcrusty@live.com Dalton, GA
1956 14 foot Torpedo, #7516 – Great shape. Kept in a basement for 35 years. Love it.

David davdwebster@bellsouth.net Cumming, GA
1977 – My father bought this boat new in 1977. After years of sitting beside his barn, my brother-in-law took it to fix it up. He did more damage than anything else. I then took ownership and had it completely restored. It is once again the boat I remember as a child. Now, once there is water in the lake, I will be able to take my son out to enjoy it the way I did.

JP jpbell@mindspring.com Bell, GA
1954 Typhoon “12” – Purchased new by my Grandfather. He and my father took delivery at the factory in Atlanta. It rides on a trailer my Grandfather built. Originally powered by a Martin outboard. It was used through the 1950’s on Lake Blue Ridge, GA. Has been stored indoors since then and is in very good condition. Needs only refinishing and a windshield. I hope to have this done in Alpharetta this summer so my Dad can see her go down the lake one more time. Plan to re-power with a Honda outboard. 55 years of ownership passed down through 3 generations.

Kyle clwe28@yahoo.com Georgia
Torpedo I found the boat in an old chicken house that belongs to a friend of mine’s family. It had been there for probably about 40 years.

Mark markm1960@comcast.net Johns Creek, GA
1974 Nineteen Purchased this from Adam Turner, grandson of AristoCraft founder Claude Turner. Restoration is in process with the help of Bill and Scott…thanks guys!

Michael michaelscott@mindspring.com Suwanee, GA
1967 Funliner -- My father has a 1965 (I think) AristoCraft with a Mercruiser 1000 Black Max outboard that he bought used 1 or 2 years after it was made. My parents and 5 kids learned how to ski behind this boat. He still has the boat, although I don’t know the last time it’s been out. Mine is a 1967 AristoCraft Funliner with the GM 4 Cyl I/O that I got about 7 years ago as a project boat.

Bobby bhowell@ryland.com Cumming, GA 1980 Nineteen This is the prettiest boat on our lake. I can hardly get away from the dock before people are asking me about the boat. It is quite an eye-catcher and has the most style of anything on the water. I wanted one all my life, and finally have one. I have found three other owners in the area, all with different colors, and we have taken several boating trips together. That has been a lot of fun.

Tater 13star@etcmail.com Ellijay, GA
1964 Funliner -- A friend gave me this boat, needs some TLC, his Dad bought it in 1965. Any advice, especially for the body, would be appreciated. It has an Evinrude 90, also a 1964.

Rob hornejunk@hotmail.com Atlanta, GA
My father won this boat in a raffle in the 1950’s. I don’t know much about it except that I want to restore it and run it on the water.

Bobby blitzgs@gmail.com Cumming, GA
1976 Nineteen - I bought a 1976 19 165 hp on December 16, 2009. Today is December 18 and I still haven’t seen the boat in person. The pictures look good and the owner lives in Lake Odessa, MI and I live in Cumming, GA. I found the boat on Craig’s list and called the owner. He explained that the boat runs really good, top is on the boat and slides back and forth, all gauges work, but it could use some cosmetic TLC to get it back to a beautiful boat. The boat will be delivered by a friend of a friend that is coming down to Atlanta from MI to visit his family for Christmas….I should have the boat Dec. 21st. I can’t wait to get it!

Steve steve0361@gmail.com Ball Ground, GA
1963 AristoCraft Funliner - I found this boat in Asheville, NC. I really liked the shape and lines, not knowing who the maker was. After some research I became more interested especially living only 20 minutes from the factory in Alpharetta, GA. The engine was bad due to rodents living under the cowling for several years so I am looking for a replacement.

Mike speedwellcars@gmail.com Watkinsville, GA
1962 Nineteen - bought her form the nephew of the original owner. He had always taken good care of this boat but she sat for many years in his shed unused. When he passed away, the boat was removed from the shed and put out for sale. I saw her when she was being positioned in front of his house and stopped to ask about her. Though she was covered in dust I found her absolutely charming. Next thing I knew, I was towing her home. I plan to restore her this winter.

Stan stan.orowski@att.net Dacula, GA
1975 9-Teen

Terry Tharbin@ellijay.com Ellijay, GA
1972 9-Teen - May 23, 2010 barnyard find on the drive home from Lake Keowee Rendezvous. We knew we wanted an old AristoCraft, just didn’t know we’d find her this year.

Don don-thompson@live.com Summerville, GA
1959 AristoCraft 17 Fiberglass - I acquired a 1959 17’ Fiberglass AristoCraft boat from an individual located in LaFayette, GA in April, 2009. The boat had a 1959 golden Jubilee 50 hp Evinrude on the transom that would not run. The boat had been in the woods for over ten years and had been in a brush fire. The hull was solid but the finish was in terrible condition and the windshield was broken. I have completely restored the boat and have replaced the motor. The restoration process was interesting and the finished product sure turns a lot of heads.

Gabe h20wens@yahoo.com Newnan, GA
1974 9-Teen - I just bought the boat yesterday and am very excited. It is in great “barn find” shape. The only part I am missing is the nav. Light lens assembly. Anybody know where I find one?

Trent jcarlee@msn.com Newnan, GA

Scott Scott@aristocraftboats.com Cumming, GA
1979 Nineteen - This is the 45th from the last boat produced. Found it in North Carolina and drove to pick it up. We can be seen cruising Lake Lanier. Thanks for all the support!


Scott scott58@wildblue.net Cascade, ID
1954 Torpedo - My dad got it 1959. The last time it was on the water was in 82. I have alot work to do. It is very dry. Any tips.

Benet broehlmail@gmail.com Sandpoint, ID
1958 Torpedo – My Dad’s boat. I cut my teeth on it.

Ken kermfuzzdk@aol.com Pinehurst, ID
1965 17 foot -- Bought it a month ago and I am in the process of getting it ready for the water. Like the style.

Lenny lennyj_1983@yahoo.com Boise, ID
? AristoCraft – I bought this AristoCraft but do not know the year. I am pushing it with a 40 horse Johnson. I want to restore it. It has a short bow, very open inside, has fin like walls toward the back, looks like it used to have a canopy.

Johnny jhahn52@hotmail.com Nampa, ID
1978 Nineteen - My wife and I just decided to buy a boat and this one came up and met our needs so we purchased from a gentleman who knew very little about it. We have been tuning the engine, other minor repairs, and just happened across your website.


Chris Chrisp812@gmail.com Elkhardt, IN
1961 Funliner - Uncle sold me the boat about 4 years ago. Has been a great time for family, and turns heads no matter where we go. Love the vintage look and joy it has brought our summer days. Looking to sell it however because our children are getting bigger, older and so busy! We just can't get out on it as much as we'd like. If you are in search for something to love and restore please get in touch. It has the cover as well as hard top still...they are such neat cruisers!

Mike purduemike24@hotmail.com Indianapolis, IN
1971 Nineteen - Looked at this 1971 for it's engine and outdrive and was surprised by the condition of the actual boat. I have decided to restore it now. It has the original sliding hardtop.

Brent and Catherine 4thstreet@rtcol.com Rochester, IN
1966 8-Teen Funliner

Michael mjdlcd@yahoo.com Garbill, IN
1950 Torpedo - found in Michigan not all original, no paperwork with it, rear seat steering wheel. age ???

Jason petelove420@yahoo.com Plymouth, IN
1966 - I traded a 1982 F 150 with no brakes for a 1966 AristoCraft fiberglass 19 ft boat and trailer back in 04. The boat has an inboard 4 cylinder. Did I do alright?

Dan padkwalden@aol.com Richmond, IN
1973 Nineteen - My dad got me into looking for a Nineteen and we bought a red 1973 with a 165HP in fall of 2011. I loved it the second I saw it. A few months later I got an orange 1973 with a 140HP two miles from my house in a trade. It will be interesting restoring them both and should be a nice sight when we take them both out cruising.

William jacobitz1191@comcast.net Lowell, IN
1971 Nineteen - Just purchased a 1971 charm! Original hard top, soft top, and Teenee tandem axle trailer. 380 original hours. 165hp GMC 6cyl option upgraded for unleaded gas.

Kerry ktomasi@dishmail.net Indiana
1978 Nineteen - Purchased from a one-owner several years ago. Took it out a couple times, then it sit for six years. Decided to get back to boating over Labor Day. Other than a glitch getting it to idle properly at the ramp, finally got it running (first time in six years!) Ran incredibly at high speed, though still having some idle problems. Mission here is to get, and share, some sage advice regarding the inevitable issues, mechanical and otherwise, that arise with a 32 year old boat.


Ralph ralphmesser@sbcglobal.net Batavia, IL
Looking for a Nineteen.

Scott sctopp@mmm.com Cary, IL
1966 Funliner - My wife bought it off some guy while I was out of town. It was about to sink at a marina due to rain. Marina shop guy called and said to pick up your boat. We said, not our boat. He called the owner and now we've had it since 2001. Put a 1967 80 Johnson on it, painted it black and creme, had interior done silver metalflake and it is now known as "The Bat Boat" on the lower Fox River in Northern Illinois. Will send pics.

Rich ufish2@ymail.com Justice, IL
1968 Nineteen

John jonatdavis@yahoo.com IL
1961 Funliner - We found this boat for sale on the side of the road. have been restoring it over the last year. We'll send pictures when it's completed.

Bill wrminnear@sbcglobal.net Batavia, IL
1956 Torpedo - I bought my Torpedo from a gentleman in Indiana who had it restored just a few years ago by Atlanta Boat Works. Once it was mine I did some minor engine work, new lights, and a new wiring harness so its as good as new. The 1959 35hp Super Sea Horse (which is easy to work on) will push this boat into plane in no time. I've never had a bad day yet on the water.

Michael orangetree69@comcast.net Mundelein, IL
1960 Funliner “17” - I’ve had this boat since 1985. When I got it the boat was trashed. I rebuilt it not knowing much about rebuilding a boat, but have enjoyed it for many years. Now I’m just beginning its second rebuild. It will be better than the first! Could use any input I can get. Thanks.

Rich ufish2@peoplepc.com Justice, IL
1968 9-Teen

Dave Rutter459@aol.com Downers Grove, IL
1961 Funliner - Recent purchase, winter project. Has non-working Merc 100 hp engine. Hull in pretty good shape
frank5590@aol.com Gurnee, IL
1971 Nineteen -- This boat was bought new by my Dad. It has given our family great service. It is still in use and has been well taken care of.

Christopher shurillafam@aol.com Rochelle, IL
1962 AristoCraft – I purchased a 1962 fiberglass AristoCraft in need of a little tlc and have been working on it since. It does have an original hardtop and Merc 700.

Steve termite68c@att&t.com Seneca, IL 1955 14 foot Torpedo -- I was an AristoCraft dealer 1955 – 1959.

bblough@tds.net Rockford, IL
1979 9-teen I had the winning bid on Ebay, then I had to tell my wife! We have had the boat for 5 years and love it. Everywhere we go people ask about it.

Ned janecarlton15@hotmail.com Chester, IL
1956 Torpedo -- Two seater. My dad owned a boat shop when I got out of high school. This was the first boat that I owned. I had it for years but lost track of it after it was sold.

gtx67@mtco.com Cooksville, IL
1964 Funliner – Picked up my 64 Funliner for $100.00. Freshened her up with some epoxy primer and PPG Delstar acrylic enamel. Original Merc was gone, so I gave her a 90 Chrysler with all new old stock Chrysler Crew gauges and switches. New red and white custom made seat upholstery tops her off. A definite attention getter on my lake! I want another, most likely a woodie!

Rich starjelectric@hotmail.com Taylorville, IL
1956 -- I have a small 12 or 13 foot wood boat I know very little about. All original. It has been in the barn for 30 years. Serial #TY9343. Does anybody know what the color should be? Thanks for your help.

Roy TScherrer@hotmail.com Port Byron, IL
19? Just bought the boat on Ebay. No motor, needs work.

Dan joatrades2004@aol.com Tolono, IL
1962 AristoCraft

Al frank5590@aol.com Gurnee, IL
1971 Nineteen -- This boat was bought new by my Father in May of 1971. It has been an extremely fantastic boat for us. Carpet and seat covers are the only none original items. It always has been stored on a lift in the summer and winter inside the garage, so it has kept its good shape.

SupaDave vpccdave@gmail.com Naperville, IL
1963 Funliner - A friend of mine stumbled on a boat for sale on Craigs List. …..not even looking for boats. A trailer for the car, rather…..actually even confused it with another posting (thought it was a dollar.) So he is telling me about it and we look it up again…listed at 500 obo….Now I’m not a boat guy, so when I see this picture I was like, looks like a mess and gonna cost a ton to even get it going, yada yada. We get it for $250….missing a few important parts like a gas tank and the motor doesn’t work….but now after researching this boat and seeing pics of other restorations, I’m happy with this buy. I will try to get pics up in the near future of the “befores” and we’ll see how far this project goes.


Dan dano@ollenburgmotors.com Clear Lake, IA
1972 Nineteen - I have owned the boat for @ 12 years. White with red top and interior and in very clean shape!

Pat and Bob mystique747@iowatelecom.net Montrose, IA
1953 Torpedo - We just got this boat and plan on finishing it out and hopefully taking it to Lake Geneva for the 2011 International ACGS boat show. We are both retired and after racing sailboats for 20 years have shifted our interest to antique wooden boats. We are located near the SE corned of Iowa straight across the river from Nauvoo, IL. We are right on the Mississippi River so do lots of boating.

Mike mikes@stoyles.com Clear Lake, IA
1957 Torpedo – I bought my Torpedo about 25 years ago from a man in Minnesota who had bought it from the original owner. He had just restored another Torpedo and didn’t have the room for two. I work for a printing company that prints the Bob Speltz series of Real Runabouts Books. While working on Volume IV, Bob brought in the photos for the AristoCraft section. I told him that this was the kind of boat I would like to have. He told me he had just heard of one for sale with the original Mercury Mark 55 motor and trailer. Within 2 weeks it was mine. It always turns heads whenever I have it out. My Torpedo is the red/white painted model . It was built on March 18, 1957, and sold through a dealership in Medina, MN.

Jim & Jan jdanbom@mchsi.com Lake Okoboji, IA
1957 Torpedo - I saw these on our lake when I was a kid and always wanted one, so a while back I had a chance to buy TP 16707. I needed some work and I’m done with that now and I removed the OMC engine and installed a 1961 Merc 500 which I have rebuilt. I am very pleased with the result and am enjoying the boat. Winter is Marco Island, Fl. Summer is Lake Okoboji, Iowa.

Fred adjustthis1@aol.com Middletown, IN
1956 Torpedo

Grant barter@netnitco.net Hebron, IN I remember the boat from my childhood. I would like to find one.

Robert robertcrews@sbcglobal.net Indiana
1972 AristoCraft Nineteen -- I bought my boat off of a friend in 1998 and would not part with it for anything.

Traey traey32@yahoo.com Indianapolis, IN
1971 19 -- Just bought the boat from a guy in Fortville, IN that was the original owner, that’s had it since 1971, and it is in great condition. Still has the hard top and everything. Any more info on the boat would be appreciated.

Hal hsmith@ilgi.com Lowell, IN
1972 Nineteen - I just bought boat at an auction. It has the 165 Mercruiser in it and runs great. I found a hardtop in Michigan that I got for $100 along with the two front seats. Recently I have seen three or four of these for sale and they vary in price but the restored versions are over $2000. The boat has a ton of room and I am looking forward to pulling the tube and skiers this summer. Always looking for original parts if there are any available out there.

Clay bcpartin@gmail.com Indianapolis, IN
1971 Nineteen - given to me by my stepfather. Runs great. Would love to get my hands on original parts and accessories.

William mike_tuttle_hubler@hotmail.com Greensburg, IN
1971 AristoCraft - I have grown up around boats my whole life and I am 24 years old now and found this classic looking boat. The gentleman is in the Air Force and in the process of moving and needed to get rid of it. The inside is completely restored and the outside is as well. I will be the third owner of this wonderful boat. It has the hardtop and all. Can’t wait for my first time out.


Victor victorpena1234@gmail.com South Hutchinson, KS
1962 AristoCraft – Planning to sell my boat.

Bruce blechien@cox.net Pittsburgh, KS 1964 Funliner - Just got it, and not even sure what I bought. I bought it for the 1983 75 hp motor that was on it, and was planning on cutting the boat up and hauling it to the dump in pieces. Hmmm....this thing needs a lot of work.

Byron and Andy bobenson1@cox.net Hutchinson, KS
1970’s AristoCraft 19 - We are purchasing it from a friend who has it in very nice condition. He states the motor is perfect. Does anyone have an idea of a fair price to pay him? He just spent $1600 on the motor last summer. There are sons, foster sons, daughter, grandson, etc., all anxious to go boating. It has been winterized since last fall but we are going to take it out yet this fall as much as we can.

Elaine elainewil@sunflower.com Lawrence, KS
1945 Typhoon – My Dad bought this boat in 1959, used, in SD. He kept it and I grew up with it, learning to ski behind it, and loving it, for years. In 2002, he sold it to me, and my son and I are the “keepers of the boat.” I am interested in restoring it, or (perhaps) selling it to someone who will restore it and treasure it. It truly is a family icon.

Ed sh5150@springmail.com Gardner, KS
1972 Nineteen -- Excellent condition for a ’72.

Mark debmarkcan@yahoo.com Wichita, KS
1978 Nineteen -- Owned a 1972 120 hp for 30 years. The hull gel coat finally gave out. The motor, outdrive and all accessories now reside in guam. I now own a 1978 120 hp with I bought (with trailer) for $100.

Tim thill_007@yahoo.com Mclouth, KS
My wife and I were looking for a boat but didn’t want to spend too much. We found a 1973 19 on Craig’s list. It is in pretty good shape. The motor was redone. It needs a few small things done to it. We had it out at the lake last weekend. We also got the “what year is that boat” and “it looks nice.” I am looking forward to redoing the seats and carpet and repainting the top.


John car24@fuse.net Burlington, KY
1976 Nineteen - Our family had an Aristo Craft Nineteen with a 140 inboard when I was a little boy. I have some great memories from that boat and I was very excited when my father found a Nineteen with a 165 inboard for my family. 15 years later my family and I enjoy our boat very much. It has some cracks in the fiberglass around the seat base and I would love to repair them but I'm not sure of the correct way to do it. If anyone knows how to do this or where to find a sliding hardtop please let me know.

Daniel dans@carbidepros.com Sadieville, KY
1974 AristoCraft

Richard racarter@wk.net Benton, KY 1956 Torpedo 14 - Dad, my brother and I owend one in 1956. The best boat I ever had. Lots of lake memories. On my bucket list to own a new one.


Kean rshspshouse@aol.com Haughton, LA I just bought this boat. It is a straight 6 cyl. engine. The hull while faded looks to be in good shape. The interior is shot. I think there might be some electrical problems. I am only 18 years old and want to make this boat a "project boat". I am interested in where I can get replacement seats, dash boards etc. Also would like to get the some advice on where to start the project.

Kevin farful@att.net Olathe, LA
Used to own a great 1969 model hardtop.....loved that boat. Had the 160 in it and she would run fast!! One of my best friend's families had the soft top 1970 - they sat side by side at the Lake of the Ozarks! Now looking for one as a project.

Larry llarmeu@cox.net Metairie, LA
1966 8-Teen - Bought about 20 years ago, replaced transom, engine and repaired outdrive.

Doug dcharlesmyersjr@gmail.com Baton, LA
1972 AristoCraft - Bought from a friend who' family owned it since new.

Dale dalemcdanell@aol.com Eros, LA
1973 AristoCraft 19 - I bought this boat about eight months ago/ brown top white bottom with 165HP. Original everything, seats, top, glass, floor. I love this boat. P.S If anyone has or knows where I can buy a 15X23 are a 15 1/4X 21 aluminum prop, please let me know. THX, Dale

Mark bigav8r@hotmail.com Lafayette, LA
1978 Nineteen - Looking at getting this baby. I think the engine cover may be missing. Can these be obtained easily?

Alan avowles41@suddenlink.net Bossier City, LA
1971 Nineteen - Purchased boat from original family member. Had been preserved and well take care of. Have had to take the fuel tank out to get rid of rust, but have solution in force. Love the boat and use it on the Red River, and local lakes. It is in great condition and runs like a dream. When I get someone to take pics while it is moving will include.

Godfrey gbuquet1@comcast.net Houma, LA
1972 Nineteen -- Well, I bought my boat from a friend. Career time did not allow me to use it but a few times. On call almost all of 38 years. It was used in salt water, and engine developed hole in block. Didn’t know I could have it welded so bought 2nd hand engine which was told had only been used in fresh water. Checked engine it runs but was never put in boat. Had to retire due to son’s transplants, loss of leg, and eye, etc. medical problems. I am 70 now and the boat has deteriorated and the engine has not been put on it. If I find someone who will do refurb work for reasonable price I will try to get it going even though I am too old to use it. It is a beautiful boat and the best riding I have ever experienced. I have ridden in a lot of boats give the location I live in.

Tommy tommy.milligan@cox.net Greenwell Springs, LA
1979 AristoCraft 19 -- I bought this boat about 4 years ago with all the original seats. I’ve replaced the glass and two back seat covers, due to my own negligence. This boat always gets attention when I bring it to Pensacola, Florida. Since I’ve just seen the current models being built, and fell in love immediately, I may have to see her.

Steven sdb034@latech.edu Arcadia, LA
1977 - Just purchased in great shape. But, needs some TLC and tune up for sure. Has not been run since 1992.

Kenny ellivroman48@yahoo.com New Orleans, LA
1975 AristoCraft 19 - Purchased the boat two years ago and I have restored it about 80 percent. I use it frequently and am enjoying it very much. When I purchased it the seats were all rotted and in the floor of the boat. I had to shovel them out. Did not know the condition of the engine or anything. I could not find any original seats. White with red trim and seats.


David david_sherburne@yahoo.com Poland Spring, ME
1963 Funliner - I bought my 63' for $275 with trailer. Bought a 65' Merc 65hp Kiekenhefer. I love it!!I have a HARD TOP for a 19' AristoCraft Nineteen!! $1500 great condition, get it before its gone. 207-317-7006 Maine

Brian bwshipley3@verizon.net MA
1957 SeaFlash - got it 10 years ago never in water for me had wrong motor got a 57 for it 30HP FOR SALE

Jim jimmieg6447@yahoo.com Livermore, ME
1974 - I bought a 19 or 20ft Aristocraft fiberglass with 140hp Volvo inboard outboard. It has the steering on the right side. It has two back to back seats up front with a seat on each side of the motor cover. The seats need recovering and the windshield is oxidized with the middle part that slides down being cracked off at the bottom. The man I bought it from was asking $1700.00 for it. I got it for $600.00. I have run it with the ear muffs on it and seems to run fine. If anyone knows where to find the model number, please contact me with the info. Thanks so much……Jim

David David_sherburne@yahoo.com Poland Spring, ME
1965 17' Funliner - I just bought a 1965 17 Funliner with the original trailer for $350 it has the soft top but I'm looking for a hard top and the spotlight. I am also looking for a period correct motor. Or maybe a 59 mercury chrome and white? I love the fins, and the interior is perfect just needs cleaning. Any one have a spare windshield or know of one? Mine has a small crack, can theses be repaired?

Barry morgansrosie@yahoo.com Skowhegan, ME
AristoCraft - Just got this boat. It has a Chrysler 35 hp outboard on it and it has a tag in the boat that says AristoCraft. It also says Atwood on the steering wheel. Would like to find out more about it. Any help would be great. Will include pictures soon.

David David_sherburne@yahoo.com Poland Spring, ME
1965 17' Funliner -- I just bought a 1965 17' Funliner with the original trailer for $350. It has the soft top but I'm looking for a hard top and the spotlight. I am also looking for a period correct motor. Or maybe a 59 Mercury chrome and white? I love the fins, and the interior is perfect, just needs cleaning. Any one have a spare windshield or know of one? Mine has a small crack, can these be repaired?

Ken noelk@bc.ede Townsend, MA
1973 -- My Dad bought the boat about 5 years ago. It’s been a lot of fun for our family, great ski boat.

Eric emswifty@comcast.net Wilmington, MA
1960 AristoCraft

Dax dltarner@verizon.net Burtonsville, MD
1964 -- I purchased this boat on ebay about two years ago from a man in Ohio who discovered it under a tarp in the barn on property he just bought. I drove it back on the original trailer after putting on new wheels/tires and a hitch. I have five kids, three in college at the same time and have not the time nor money to restore her yet. I am told the original 115 hp Ford/Mercury motor still runs but needs a cab rebuild and starter coil. The outdrive also needs work. The hull is solid as is the top but the trim and chrome work need cleaning. Any member who has restored one would be a treasure to talk with about where to start. Oh yeah, I still have the original OMC key and leather key holder. Any help with my restoration would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dax

John jpcook@dmv.com Cambridge, MD
1952 Torpedo 13 -- I grew up in an Mercury/AristoCraft Dealership family. We always had a typhoon on hand for my uncle to race when he got home from the service. I bought a Torpedo 14 (1955) that was in pieces and was going to use them as templates to build a new one as all the hardware was there. A week ago I came across a solid pre-1955 13-foot Torpedo that someone had begun to restore. It appears that they might have moved around the seat configuration. I would like to hear from anyone who has an early torpedo, or had windshield hardware, since it is different that the later torpedos. Any information will be appreciated. It is smaller than I really want but since I have not see many of this style around I am going to restore it this winter and get it back into circulation. Thanks. John

John jpcook@md.metrocast.net
1954 Torpedo 13 -- I recently bought this boat at auction and am currently in the process of restoration. Anybody out there with an early Torpedo, I would like to hear from. This is the Torpedo without the raised forward deck. I just finished restoration of a Mark55e and should be done with the boat in the next couple of months.

Kim rousek@cintas.com Annapolis, MD
1968 model, fiberglass - My Uncle Andy bought the boat and kept it on Lake Lanier since 1968 in a covered dock. He sold the cabin/dock to my cousin. For my 40th birthday we went to Georgia and saved the boat. We fixed it up and it now ahs a new life on the Chesapeake Bay/Severn River. My 11 year old son learned to ski on it last summer just like I did when I was 6 in 1970. Family members take a ride and relieve our childhood. Great fun!


Marlene capecodmarlene@comcast.net Mashpee, MA
1972 - I just took ownership of a 1972 Aristocraft with trailer. Both in very good shape. Original seats on the boat- good shape. In board/outboard 165. Not sure on engine condition but all seems to be in order. Anyone interested? I live on Cape Cod.

Carl cfv@mac.com Salem, MA
I am in the market….

Eric eric.swift@comcast.net Wilmington, MA
1957 AristoCraft

Stephen smv21@aol.com Concord, MA
1956 Torpedo

Duncan duncangeddes@yahoo.com Somerville, MA
1965 Funliner - This boat hung in the rafters of my grandparents barn the whole time I was growing up. We had always heard that when my parents were young they had been out in it a few times, but as long as I could remember it was nothing but the mysterious underside of a hull just hanging there in the dark. My grandmother gave it to me when I was 18 for my birthday. It sat in my parents field for 10 years before I discovered the world of fins and began the restoration last fall. Just finished the final coat of paint and can’t wait to get out on the water! It is still a work in progress, but where before I just saw a weird looking old boat, now I gaze lovingly at a thing of beauty. Thanks, Gram! Anyone else with one in New England that wants to get together for a ride?

Raymond nanaandpeps50@aol.com Fitchburg, MA
1959 9-Teen


Bruce Woody1938@hotmail.com Gladwin, MI
2002 Torpedo - This is the best riding boat of all my woodies. I have a '59 Johnson 35 on it. Plenty of power for cruising.

Tom mccabet@dteenergy.com St. Clair, MI 1
972 Nineteen 120 hp - I have owned this boat since April, of 1984 and it still runs great! Outdrive is slow to come up, not sure how to add or check hydraulic oil level.

Dan deastwood3@gmail.com South Lyon, MI
AristoCraft 19 - This was my wife's parents' boat which they bought new in Idaho. I heard so many great stories about their adventures fishing in Mexico's Gulf of California that when I learned they'd donated to the Idaho Youth Ranch, I immediately called & bought it to create some memories of my own.

Robert rwh3id@sbcglobal.net Luddington, MI
1979 AristoCraft Nineteen - My family purchased this boat lightly used in 1984. It has been used on Hamlin Lake every summer since then. It gets almost as much attention as the wooden boats on our lake with its classic hardtop.

Ted cmalpass2@comcast.net Richland, MI
1950 Typhoon 12 - Just got the boat not sure what year 1950-1954 needs work but looking foward to it.

Troy tactgo@charter.net Oconomowoc, MI
1975 Nineteen - I got this boat from my best friend's dad. It's an awesome boat!

Jim jim.paulus@yahoo.com Port Huron, MI
1968 Nineteen - How can you tell the year built? I found some hand writing under the rear arm rest with a signature, which appears to be a date and a birth date, making the signer 46yr old. The photos show it. I have been told to use the motor block #. My boat came with 74' MI registration plates on it.

Gregory gjackski010@gmail.com Cedar, MI
1973 Nineteen

DMG egardon@live.com Adrian, MI
1971 Nineteen - Just trying to get it in the water

Chris cpang68203@aol.com Michigan
1973 and 1979 Nineteen - I have a 1973 and a 1979 Nineteen. They were spur of the moment purchases. Any one need one?? Or parts??

Beth and Wes bethandwes@yahoo.com Bloomfield Hills, MI
1967 Eighteen and 1971 Nineteen - Picked this boat up from a friend on our lake after admiring for at least 5 summers we able to purchase. Boat is originally from Indiana. Original trailer. Have all dealer info flyers etc but would like to get more photos of a restored 67 so I can finish the project. Also have a fully restored 1971 Nineteen.

Emmanuel mrkemp225@aol.com Saginaw, MI
1976 Nineteen

Ray Razorgt350@yahoo.com Lincoln Park, MI
1956 Torpedo 14 with a 1958 Mercury Mark 55 40 hp motor. Boats name is Smokin'. It gets alot of attention whether on the trailer or in the water. A BLAST TO DRIVE...

John jk_5123@yahoo.com Kinde, MI
1960 AristoCraft Funliner - My boat was purchased brand new by my Father in 1960. He bought it with a 75 Johnson motor, with the hard top. It has the red trim with white. I was 10 years old when my Father bought this boat, and it has been mine since he gave it to me in 1977. He bought a new 100 horsepower Johnson motor for it in 1971 because the old motor finally died.

Dick dick@elliott-elliott.com Elliott, MI
1956 Torpedo - I bought this boat several years ago. It had and still has a 1958 35hp Johnson electric start which I had rebuilt. The boat had a hole in the hull which I had professionally repaired. Other than that the boat is complete including cover flag and good trailer. I have several Chris Crafts and other race boats and not enough room. I haven't put this boat in the water for the past several years and it should be enjoyed by someone so I'm ready to sell this boat.

Ben benculp3@hotmail.com Lawton, MI
1961 Funliner – The kid next door got this boat from his boss. He parked it behind his garage, sort of facing our house. I bought it off of him and I am in the midst of a restoration. I am documenting it at www.benculp.com. Who do I contact to buy a pennant from?

Tom osbornco.@roadrunner.com Coeur d’Alene, ID
1970 Hardtop Convertible

Rick winegarr@iserv.net Hastings, MI
1976 AristoCraft 19 – Buddy gave me the boat. A coral with 120 h/p. Have a nice 1.09 outdrive to trade for a nice 140 h/p. Engine – Chev. Marine. Also, need coral AristoCraft seats.

Matt matthewrichardjackson@yahoo.com Grand Rapids, MI
1977 Nineteen – I found this Nineteen online and drove 8 hours each way to retrieve her in the middle of February. It was chuck full of ice and snow and in dire need of some TLC. Mind is white/blue that I’m converting to white/red. It is looking pretty good, I must say. Merc 120 that runs and shifts well. New steering cable is a rough job on these, but otherwise repairs have been going pretty smoothly. I hope to launch her before Memorial Day. Wish me luck! Looking for hard top to complete her restoration.

Bob patches101454@netzero.com Lakeport, MI
1973 AristoCraft 19 – Bought it three years ago. It runs fine – I use it all the time.

Ben benculp3@hotmail.com Lawton, MI
1961 Funliner -- I just bought this boat from my neighbor as it was wasting away in his yard. I love a good restoration project and this boat is in pretty good shape.

Ray razorgt350@sbcgloval.net Lincoln Park, MI
1956 Torpedo -- 14 ft. Torpedo, powered by a 1958 Mark 55 40 hp motor. Boats name is Smokin.

Donald lmajay59@comcast.net Ray Twp, MI
1972 9-Teen Bought this boat 6 years ago. Didn’t know it was a collector boat until I started looking for parts on the Internet. Still has the original hard-top, but the seats are not original. They sit too high, so you can’t cruise with the top on She still runs great. The hull and deck are in good shape, but needs some restoring. Will upload some pictures when I can find them.

Craig cjrbigblue@yahoo.com Harrison Township, MI
1963 AristoCraft Funliner I grew up with my Dad’s 1960. I love boats and found this one on ebay. I have 5 other boats in restoration.

Matt matthewrichardjackson@yahoo.com Grand Rapids, MI
1977 AristoCraft 19 I am currently jumping into a restoration. I’ll keep you posted. Looking for others who have successfully restored one of the old fiberglass beauties!

Myk mykack@live.com Traverse City, MI
19?? Nineteen -- I ran across the boat through a client’s son who had inherited it from his dad. He said it was bought from a preacher and used very little by his father. It has been in a pole barn for approximately 10 years. The boat appears to be complete and in need of a clean up/tune up. I have not taken possession of the boat yet, but everyone I talk to says it is one of the best boats they have ever owned. I believe I have a gem of a boat. Stay tuned for updates as I have not taken possession of it yet.

Phil pmccrory72@hotmail.com Flint, MI
1965 AristoCraft – I found this boat sitting in someone’s front yard for sale. It had been abandoned and unloved for years. When I saw it I fell in love with the futuristic design, the wings, and the chrome dash panel so I bought it. Spent years fixing it up. Must have been crazy. But it is so cool and it is a traffic stopper. When I am stopped somewhere with the trailer getting gas or snacks or something, some car will stop, someone gets out and starts walking all around the boat because either they never saw anything like it, or it’s “oh, yeah….I remember these!” In my Coast Guard boating class the teacher had us go around they room and tell what boats we owned. So some guy says “I just got a 30’ Bayliner” (teacher yawns), another says “I picked up this Four Winns (teacher yawns), then I saw, well, I got a 16’ 1965 AristoCraft and the teacher gets all excited and I’m the star of the class (sorry Bayliner and Four Winns guys).

Chris cjharris2@charter.net Saint Johns, MI
1970 9-Teen -- Original club member. We love our boat. We always receive positive comments when we have it out. It is unusual in a fun way, loaded with character and truly a classic. Looking forward to fiberglass boat parts being added again to the website.
Erik cfierk@hotmail.com Clinton, MI 1973 Nineteen -- I collect old fiberglass, and the Nineteen hardtop is the best, most useful of the bunch. Mine is in very good original condition, but could use a little freshening up interior wise. I guess that is what winter is for.

Myk mykack@live.com Traverse City, MI
197? Nineteen -- Was talking with a patient’s son about boats and he said he may have what I was looking for. I have 4 kids, 5-14, so cheap was a necessity here. We live in a water wonderland here in Traverse City. Back to the boat…this boat has been sitting in a pole barn for 10 years. Appears to be very complete and in need of hopefully minor restore. Will send pics when I take possession in late July. I hope to have her in the water before the deep freeze sets in up here. Am looking forward to many years of fun with this boat. Thanks for having this forum to gather into.

Scott healthisfree@yahoo.com Fenton, MI
1956 Sea Flash For sale, $2500.00, great shape

Ron roncase@bigtube.net Brown City, MI

Jerry Lynjera@aol.com Fruitport, MI
1956 Torpedo

E.J. ekemp81@yahoo.com Saginaw, MI
1976 Nineteen

David saabdaddy1@gmail.com Ganges, MI
1973 Nineteen - My Dad bought this boat in 1986 and we spent many hours in her. She hasn’t seen water in 20 years other than rain (which grows moss, mold, and mildew.) She’s rough but solid, and already cleaning up nicely. So….here I go. Hope to have her ready for water by Spring, 2010.

Steve judybites9@yahoo.com Dearborn, MI
Nineteen - Hi – would like to knowmore about this boat, where to find model number, what year, it has a 110 Mercruiser motor. Boat could be teal or faded blue. The outdrive is something I have never seen before with two shocks on side above power trim. I will get pictures soon of boat. Also has the three windows but center Is gone and driver’s side is smashed and gone.

Scott imcline@yahoo.com Kentwood, MI
1967 Nineteen - Just bought this boat at an auction. The 4-banger runs and the outdrive seems to work okay. Haven’t put it in the water yet. Still doing a lot of rubbing and scrubbing.

Scott scotttaylor@ppg.com Kalamazoo, MI
1979 Nineteen - Back in the 70’s I remember my grandfather spoke highly about these boats with their sliding hardtop and I have thought they were awesome ever since. In June of this year (2009), on the side of a road I noticed this boat on a rough looking trailer for “best offer.” As I walked up to the boat there was more writing on the sign stating “425 obo” that couldn’t be seen from the road. The boat needed a major cleanup/buffing/removing of bottom paint, etc. The OMC boot was shot, of course, and it needed a battery. The owner stated that his father had purchased the boat some time ago and passed away before getting it on the water. He also said that it ran like a champ but needed a fuel pump. So, I offered him $250 and he took it! And now the restoration begins. Pics will follow.

Steen cabadass@michigan.gov White Lake, MI
1957 Avalon - My grandfather purchased this boat in Detroit Michigan in 1957. It has been in the family since it was purchased. I’m looking for someone experienced and reputable in the Detroit area to restore it. The boat is still used as often as possible. It is still structurally sound. But, it does need to be restored. I would be more than happy to hear from other Avalon owners.

Chris ctiihonen@yahoo.com Petoskey, MI
1979 Nineteen - I was looking for an old outboard for my boat when I came across this 1979 Nineteen in excellent shape. Needless to say, I fell in love with it and was able to purchase the boat at a reasonable price. I have had it in the water since early July and I could not be happier with my purchase. I will download some pictures as soon as I can.

David davidtaylor07@comcast.net Clio, MI
1974 Nineteen - Saw this on the side of the road for $600 with moderate interior work to be done. The seller put earmuffs on the 120 hp engine with 4 year gas in the tank and the Mercruiser started right up and purred like a kitten. Along with a trailer I gave him the money and it followed me home.

Gregory gregfliss@yahoo.com Aitkin, MN
1953 Torpedo – Bought boat last June, started to strip outside, then snow came early, so I bought all the trim and windshield for the outside and have been busy sanding and buffing to get it to look good enough to put on boat. Will start on the hull as soon as weather permits. Just wondering…will there be a classified section on the website?

Brian BLivingston@crankyape.com Woodbury, MN
1972 AristoCraft 19

Eric eric.vraa@carestreamhealth.com St. Paul, MN
1967 Funliner - We were having an after bars party in our backyard by the fire pit when a discussion of boats came up. Someone asked me if I owned a boat. My response was “I am divorced with 3 kids, have a mean ex-wife, remarried with a new baby and have a 1886 fixer-upper home I’ve been working on for 8 years. The only way I would have a boat is if someone gave me one.” The guy next to me said “My wife gave me one week to get rid of all the c—in my backyard or she is going to call for a dumpster when I go out of town next week. I’ll drop it off tomorrow if you want it.” I drove by his place and fell in love. Red and white hardtop with wings. An Evinrude 90 that was running last year. What could be cooler? She needs some work, but I have a 15 year old son that could fish and boat till the reckoning comes. I am looking forward to working on this gem with the boy next summer. Even my wife had to admit it would be a great family boat – if I actually fixed it up. I have one year or it has to go. The gel coat is toast and anything that can rot has. The hull, body, and top are structurally solid although it has no glass. It also came with a good trailer.

Greg gregfliss@yahoo.com Aitkin, MN
1957 Torpedo - Boat just beginning to be restored. I really liked the style when I first saw it and 2 years later I bought it. Just wish there were more Torpedo owners close by. As I live in Minnesota, the winters are cold and long and my work shop is too small to fit the boat in, so it is a fair weather project.

Tom tpogreba@ties2.net Hugo, MN
1957 AristoCraft

Ross ncipublisher@loretel.net Ada, MN
1955 Typhoon -- All original wood, refinished with my high-school aged daughter 10+ years ago. Powered by a 1955 electric start Johnson 25. Still a head turner!

Tom midwestconnection@hotmail.com Detroit Lakes, MN
1968 9Teen (19) 120 - Just bought it two days ago on April 11, 2009 – My birthday – I am now 64 years old. The boat is 23 years younger than me – its only 41 years old. It’s the first model year of this famous boat! Its aqua blue or turquoise with white and has the hardtop and back curtain. Its powered by the 120 Merc with the Merc out-drive. It has been nicely upholstered. It got it for $600 with the trailer. It needs a lot of work but it should clean up and restore nicely. I am not a captain with a sleep aboard boat!

Ronald dennsplace@mchsi.com Waseca, MN

Scott smorris@millert.com Brandon, MS
1979 9-Teen -- My daughter and I were at a marina getting the damaged outdrive repaired on our ski boat. We noticed an older boat in the back that had a hard top. It was full of leaves and even had a few trees growing in the floor. The boat and top were black with mildew. I climbed in, opened the engine compartment and noticed the true Mercruiser 4 cyl. I was excited at this point. All the hoses had been eaten by mice, but he wiring looked good. I asked the marina owner if he would be interested in selling the boat. He said NO, but would sell me the trailer for $200 and whatever was on the trailer I would have to haul it off. We shook hands, paid him, hooked it up and took it home. After we got it cleaned up, surprisingly the boat almost looked brand new with exception of one seat and the carpet. She’s a work in progress, but there is just something about the AristoCraft 9-Teen that sets them apart from other 19 ft. boats.

Don brad.kerley@ttcmemphis.edu Senatobia, MS
1974 9-Teen -- It was in a shed and seems to have been well cared for over the years. We will be trying to resurrect and enjoy her for the next 30= years.

Matt mattmanthomas@yahoo.com Southhaven, MS
1977 Nineteen - I got this boat in 2007. It was in pretty good shape when I got it. It has the hard top but everything else has been taken off. I had to do some work to get it running properly and still have some to do. I am going to completely rework and restore this boat. It is a solid good running boat. I love it. Any ideas or contacts for accessories would be appreciated. What up with the trim pump blowing seals?


Bobby bobdaniels57@yahoo.com New Madrid, MO
1969 model - I want to restore it, not really sure of yr. or model. Need help on doing the restore. Any help out there? Need phone # for parts,etc. Thanks.

Robert southwestern15@yahoo.com Aurora, MO
1962 - I bought this boat about 8 years ago. It has the original trailer and 850 Mercury. I would like some history.

Marty mh8@sbcglobal.net Poplar Bluff, MO
1957 12' Typhoon - Purchased Sept.1989 for $50. Boat was sitting in a field, nose down and full of water; Restored in 1998. Had to replace plywood on top, but bottom and sides were okay. Replaced boards for front and rear dash. Entire exterior has been skinned with fiberglass cloth. Repowered with Keikhaufer Mark 35 in 2010. Always get compliments when we take it out.

Tim sweeneys@grm.net Hatfield, MO
1968 Funliner - I just took procession of this boat. I am the third owner. The boat was in storage for the last 8 years and still looks in great condition. It does need minor repairs to have it back in the water but it will be making waves again in the spring.

Tom bushley@jobe.net Richland, MO
1999 Typhoon - I bought this Typhoon from a guy in Houston, TX off of Ebay a few years ago. Spent about 6 months fixing it up. It just needed a good paint job. Installed an older style steering system and a 40 hp Mercury. It’s a real blast to drive!

Burnett nextdoor@centurytel.net Kimberling City, MO
1967 8-Teen -- I purchased this boat in Knoxville at a rural used car lot around 1990. I have been working on it ever since. I am really glad that this site is up and running once again. I visited the shop in Atlanta some years back….but found no one at home. So finding this up and running is great. I am always on the hunt for items for the boat. Get loads of looks on the water…these days and everyone loves the blue with white top. Glad you are all here…Ron

R. S. rchrd_yahoo.com Avondale, MO
1967 8 Teen - My wife said I could buy a boat TO PUT ON THE LAKE, not in the yard. Well, I really like the look fo the 8-Teen. So….as of yet its not been out of the yard.

Mike psmith002@charter.net Sikeston, MO
1964 Funliner - This boat was bought new in 1964 by the person who sold her to me. In 1988 the owner bought a new Johnson 90 hp and had it put on. However, the boat and trailer are all original. When this boat was not being used for fishing it is inside a garage. This boat is in awesome shape for all original. Unbelievable find.

Brian cannibal94@hotmail.com Lincoln, NE
1955 Typhoon “12

Jim aristocraft19@yahoo.com Lincoln, NE
1975 Nineteen -- I found my 19 on iboats.com. What struck me at first about it was the 165 hp Mercruiser w/1 drive and all the fiberglass construction. I had to drive about 550 miles to Rapid City, SD to see it. It passed all test including 2.5 hours test drive. This boat had apparently been sitting in an airplane hangar for the last 15 years. Somewhere around 2001, I think someone put all new rubber on it as it is in real fair condition. The only thing I replaced has been the manifold and riser. The boat has nothing screwed to the transom and is all original the best I can tell except for an indash cd player, a vhf w/antenna and a 6 circuit fuse box mounted underdash. We have put plus or minus 200 hours on the boat since we have had it. We did several 100 mile trips on the Missouri River. I have really enjoyed being an AristoCraft owner. You really get the oohs and ahhs at the ramp, almost every time. I really like the sliding hardtop, too. What a good idea. I cannot believe no one makes something similar today. I hope I can keep this boat and make it last as I don’t see any on the market that have the features of these boats. The features I like best are the walkaround gunnels with grab handles, sliding hardtop with removable windows, vertical sliding center windshield panel, and the spacious area between the back seats and the backwards facing front seat for a 19’ boat. They sure have a lot of room.

Scott mustang6473@msn.com NE
Dream boat is a vintage Torpedo Inboard!

Brian cannibal94@hotmail.com Lincoln, NE
1955 Typhoon


Jim jjfaria@att.net Reno, NV
1972 Nineteen - We first spotted the For Sale sign on the side of the road at Lake Almanor, California. My wife and I looked at each other and knew we had to have this funky looking boat. Little did I know that it had boat "pox" and I spent the winter sanding and painting it by hand. This winter, rebuilding the seats and new covers. We spend a lot of time at Lake Tahoe and the funny thing is, with so many classic and much older wooden boats, we seem to get the most attention, as it is so different. We water ski and camp in it as well.


Eric muehlmatt@gmail.com Hooksett, NH 1967 Nineteen - The Story: I bought this hotty as a project boat for exploring our local lakes and annual trips to the St. Lawrence River. I bought her on ebay with 1 picture to go by, drove to NW NJ where she had been a lake boat, and towed her home. The story I was told: "She belonged to a guy who had grown too old to care for her. He had replaced the engine in the early 2000's with a rebuilt Mercruiser. The engine did look much newer than 40yrs old, and started and ran like a charm. There is no engine hours meter on her, so the engine's true lifespan is unknowable, but it starts and idles great, has fine compression, and doesn't burn oil or smoke. The boat's hull appears to have been repainted once with identical color paint as the factory original. I chose to leave the gel coat alone during my restoration, polishing it up as best it could be. You can see in the photos that at a glance she looks beautiful. She turns heads and invites inquiries and reminisces everywhere she goes, with people aghast at how good she looks for her age. That said, her gelcoat does evidence her age. She get's up on plane in a jiffy, and according to her factory speed gets up to between 35 and 40 mph at around 3000 rpms.The restoration process (in approximate order). Scooped out ~800lbs of waterlogged 60's era floatation foam, by hand, through access holes I drilled in the fiberglass and plywood floor. Treated all wood (there ain't much, epoxy was CHEAP back then) with penetrating rot repair epoxy – marine grade. Sprayed in new, modern marine grade (not household) closed-cell flotation foam, filling the below floor hull cavity, leveling and stabilizing the floor. Replaced the hole plugs, epoxied them in place, then top-coated the entire floor surface with epoxy paint sealer. Installed an additional "just in case" thru-hull drain-plug for the area below the floor (why the foam had filled with water in the first place). Sealed and primed the bow-cubby and under-seat cubbies. Installed Ivory DeckoDot grade floor covering. Sanded then polished the gel coat. Re-riveted and polished and waxed all aluminum trim. Polished and waxed the plexi-glass windshield and gauge lenses with aviation grade polishing system. Polished and waxed all chrome (some pitting on the original chrome parts). Polished and waxed all stainless trim. Replaced and reseated all electrical, adding a new grounding bus and battery switch (ready for 2 battery set-up), and Garmin GPS DC harness and cradle. Installed bow-cubby convenience light, and red night-safe LED lights in all gauges. Re-lined the side-compartments with gray marine headliner. Replaced tilt-rams (eBay). Rebuilt carburetor and replaced all fuel lines and installed new permanent gas-tank (beneath port stern seat). Installed new old stock Aquameter Compass and Barometer components (eBay). Replaced horn (eBay). Replaced the steering wheel with a white model (eBay). Reupholstered all seating surfaces with marine grade teal and ivory vinyl. Rebuilt lower-unit and new impeller as of 2010.Rebuilt shift-linkage in 2011.More pictures here! http://www.flickr.com/photos/13048887@N00/sets/72157628734562407

Kurt kurt@kurtsite.com Sunapee, NH
1962 Funliner - This is going to be my first restoration project.


Christopher slip134@myway.com Middletown, NJ
11 ft - I had an Aristocraft in the late 60's that was registered as an 11 footer. Don't know the model but she was a very pretty boat and was pushed along well by a Johnson 18. All wood and very racy, lots of fun for a kid on a paper route budget.

Peter wyshneff@comcast.net Hillsborough, NJ
Considering a semi-finished boat for winter project.

Rich richeyman1124@yahoo.com Brownsmills, NJ
1965 – My first boat. Just bought it for $250. Seems to be in good shape. It has been out of the water for over 10 years.

Phil osprey165@hotmail.com Point Pleasant, NJ
1963 Funliner I found her on the side of the road and I immediately loved the fins so I took her home. I had to install the steering, motor, controls, seats, lights, etc., all there was basically a hull windshield and trailer. Now she is a beauty!!

Richard oldbag@optonline.net Succasunna, NJ
1965 -- I have a 1965 Glasspar g3 w/1968 Merc 650ss in near show room condition. Will be selling this boat this spring in hopes of obtaining a Torpedo some day.

Mark stratagem1@earthlink.net Hopatcong, NJ
1972 AristoCraft 19

Ed edcardinal@aol.com Forked River, NJ
1964 Duratech – My Dad had a 1950’s (not sure what year) 12 foot Typhoon Aristocraft and would love to find another one used. It had no fins and not rounded transom, but the sides changed color midway from stern to windshield (with angled trim piece.) I currently have a 64 Duratech I am restoring now.

Dennis dennismoran@optonline.net Landing, NJ
1956 Torpedo - Just purchased. Lots of questions.

Bill billnoe57@yahoo.com Woodbine, NJ
1956 Typhoon 12 - Picked her up last year along the roadside for $500 and am bringing her back one step at a time. It’s all there except for the windshield and a few other odds and ends. Got a 56 Johnson 10 hp on Ebay. Having fun!

Alex and Janice aportillo@subaru.com Edgewood, NM
1969 9-Teen First family boat, we are the second owners and just love it. It turns heads at all lakes and gets lots and lots of wonderful comments from all that see it. Our AristoCraft is blue and white.

Brad rcmedic@zianet.com Las Cruces, NM

Sam samlac1@msn.com Las Cruces, NM
1972 Nineteen - June, 2010. Just bought this boat and want to restore it completely. Does anyone have the manufacturer’s book for this model or the center piece for the windscreen?


Gary lamphega@netsync.net Dunkirk, NY
1975 Nineteen - Found mine in Alabama on Ebay, had a road trip to get. Spent much time on re-wiring but summer 2012 in the water loving it

Gerald Ggag47@aol.com Casenovia, NY
1956 Torpedo - My Dad bought me a used 1956 Torpedo when I was 12 years old. We refinished it and had a father son experience I never forgot. I'm now 65. I found a 1956 with the same original model 40hp Merc and original trailer. Work has begun... Motor is being completely overhauled. Hull stripped and restored. It's in great shape. Summer lake use in covered boat house. New seats..trailer sand blaster and repainted. By July 4th....I'll be back on the water. Don't weigh a buck and a quarter anymore..but it will Getty Up and Go!

Michael mm820@aol.com Amenia, NY
1963 Funliner - Bought in 2011 all original including the motor and trailer. It also came with the original paper work and advertisement.

Steven smgiglio1@comcast.net Brewster, NY
1972 Nineteen - Just bought the boat in April, has the OMC 140, Not sure of the year. Gold hull, Plan to restore it to working condition and enjoy it.

Michael mm820@aol.com New York
1963 Funliner -found it in Brookfield Ct. in awesome original condition boat motor and trailer. I just need the sliding windows and some doodads for the dash clock, tach, compass, etc.

David nighttrain2000@rochester.rr.com Williamson, NY
1978 Nineteen - Just bought AristoCraft 1978 19-teen.. looking to restore and have some fun boating.

Paul pmorgan@sysr.com Buffalo, NY
1980- AristoCraft 19

John shamwowbf@gmail.com Buffalo, NY
1956 – Torpedo - My grandfather bought the torpedo when it was for sale in the late 1950's. He has kept it in the family. He gave it to my dad so that he could restore it. My dad started and never finished because he had a family to take care of. It is not in very good condition right now, but in the next year or two I am thinking about restoring the boat for my grandfather.

Roy huskyme1234@hotmail.com Rochester, NY
1971 Nineteen - The boat was given to me by my father. Unfortunately it sat unused for three years. It was not winterized and froze up and cracked the engine block. The seats and canvas and hard top were deteriorated and could not be saved. I replaced the engine block with a 1971 250 6 cylinder Chevy nova engine. I stripped both blocks and used the parts from the boat to rebuild the new engine block I do have to say the old six cylinders runs great. It pushes the big boat over 40 knots .The seats need to be recovered and I installed new carpet The boat is in overall good shape and is a lot of fun to use for tubing or fishing. If anyone has a gas cap Please email me @ huskyme1234@hotmail.com

Michael mm820@aol.com Amenia, NY
1963 Funliner - Bought this boat in Brookfield Ct. never been restored it. It looks amazing motor and trailer all bought at the same time in 1963.

Al whatsleft@excite.com Centerport, NY
1961? Funliner -- My first was serial number 1060. I got it from a super nice guy who had it for years out of LI for free. Unfortunately, it had been really abused, and before I was able to start the re-build, I found my current one, whose model number slips my mind. I brought I on Ebay for $50 with an old trailer from a guy in South Jersey. Of course, by the time I got it home and in shape, the total was more like $300 - $350! I think it is a 1961 as the motor I got on it was 1961, and it doesn’t have the fold down seats, so I think 1960 or 1961. The merc it came with was frozen, so I put a 40 hp gale on her, cleaned her up, and took her out. Jumps right up on plane, and is a blast. It doesn’t like the chop too much, but if I add some extra weight (it does only weigh around 500#), it does fine. Oh, I live on LI and us it in the bays and LI sound. I stripped the first one, which came with an improvised soft top, the seats/splashwell, and the standard trim and this one had a hard top, so I should be in good shape. The little wood that is in the transom is rotting and will need to be replaced, but there is so little of that. If I keep it, I will get the wood out and fill with the new pourable transoms. Even so, it holds up to the 40 hp fine – the fiberglass on either side of the hull is about 3/8 thick, so plenty of support. The boat is a blast, and I love going out in it!

Richard richardhill1@peoplepc.com Chase Mills, NY
I have a fiberglass 1974 convertible top in good shape.

Scott quirion@research.ge.com Clifton Park, NY
1963 Funliner -- I saw my boat covered up with a tarp in a farmer’s field about twenty years ago. I finally got the nerve to stop and ask about it a couple of years ago. I purchased the Funliner 17 from the nicest old lady you ever met. The boat is in need of a complete restoration, but thankfully all the trim and hardware is intact. I need a windshield in my possession before I do anything to it. It is turquoise and white and cute as a button.

Christopher Christopher.fuentes@uscg.mil Staten Island, NY
1962 AristoCraft -- I don’t know too much about my boat. I took it off the hands of a sweet old lady in Long Island. Now I am trying to restore it but am having some engine trouble. It has a 60 hp Evinrude and I turn the key, it starts, but only keeps running if I hold the key. It accelerates as I turn the key further. I am puzzled by this and have not been able to come to a conclusion. I just ask if anyone has an idea. It sure would help.

David treehouse793@gmail.com Buffalo, NY
1965 Funliner 17 -- My wife and I have a 1964 Chris-Craft Commander and love the older style boats. My wife saw an AristoCraft in the Erie Canal Harbor by us and fell in love with the look and lines of the boat. We decided that an AristoCraft would be a fun edition and great for scooting around Lake Erie and the Niagara River by us. We found a beauty in Michigan and just drove to get her. We can’t wait to see her in action in our water. We’re both thrilled!

Stephen sgates01@rochester.rr.com
2000 Torpedo 14 – I have run this boat for seven seasons now with a 1961 Merc 500 which I restored. The rig is well known around the Finger Lakes and Sodus Bay, NY. It is stored on a lift in my boat house on Sodus Bay. I run it nearly every day all summer long.

John stoveld@verizon.net Orchard Park, NY
Interested in purchase of late 50’s to mid 60’s two seater wooden sports model as I own an old merc hurricane mark 25 and purchasing an old 60’s model merc 650, 65hp.

Josue josue.perez@roadrunner.com Utica, NY
1961 Funliner 17 - Purchased this boat in May, 2010, in bad conditions actually just for the motor. When brought home I boarded it. The floor was intact and seat not even it in - just the shell for the seats. So I cut out the wood for the seats and upholstered them and they started looking nice. Buffed up the paint and took it out for a ride on the lake. When I started to get so many compliments at the harbor where I was launching it, decided to keep this baby. This is my first boat and I love it, especially my three year old son that loves going out boating and riding the tube.

Edward egundrum@frontiernet.net Minerva, NY
1956 Sea Flash I purchased this boat new when in high school and still own it. ($556.00) I am planning to restore it this summer and get it back in the water with the 1955 Johnson that I kept on it. It is still in good condition and stored in a weatherproof area so I don’t anticipate too many problems with the restoration.
William wickie@localnet.com Rochester, NY 1973 19 ft. sliding top I.O. 165 hp People tell me its called the batman boat. I really could use some help in locating a curved windshield for the boat.

Edward egundrum@frontiernet.net Minerva, NY
1956 Sea Flash I purchased this boat new when in high school and still own it. ($556.00) I am planning to restore it this summer and get it back in the water with the 1955 Johnson that I kept on it. It is still in good condition and stored in a weatherproof area so I don’t anticipate too many problems with the restoration.
Mark houston144@yahoo.com Rochester, NY 1962 Funliner 17 – Still have the Funliner, original condition and is set up to the Mercury boat house report with an 80 long shaft.

James office@campbell-dean.com Oneida NY
1950 Typhoon? -- Had boat completely restored in 1999.

Richard reagen@nycap.rr.com Valatie, NY
Had a 12’ back in the day (a 1957) and would like another Torpedo.

Nick nhaywood1172@yahoo.com NY
1962 Funliner

George claimerone@frontiernet.net Rochester, NY
1977 9-Teen


Casey slithrz@ec.rr.com Morehead City, NC
1960 Funliner - FOR SALE Our family would like to selll our 17 ft Funliner. My father is the original owner. Miss Casey was bought for him when he was 15 years old. Miss Casey was enjoyed mostly on High Rock Lake NC through the late 60s. She has always been garage kept and well taken care of. Miss Casey has never been in salt water. Evan though she rest in a garage near the ocean now. She has a 1959 75hp Johnson and sleeps on a 1958 Gator trailer. Please help us find her a good new home on a lake or reservoir.

Karl dixonkarl@yahoo.com Charlotte, NC
1974 Nineteen - My father purchased this boat new in 1974, went out for a hair cut and came home with a boat. My family has had great fun with her but now she needs a good home. The boat is in good shape, has not been started in a number of years but was running well, steering cable is bad, boat still looks good. It could be a nice boat for someone or a good parts source. It is still in the water, always covered and in an enclosed boat house. I have pictures if anyone has an interest.

Amanda amandalieth@att.net Albemarle, NC
1970 19 - Have a 1970 19' for sale. Runs great, rebuilt carburetor and exhaust manifold, needs water circulating pump impeller. Worn but usable interior, original hardtop/trailer included. Would make a great restoration project. $2K OBO, 919-636-2822 or email.

Lynn bmgrip@yahoo.com Littleton, NC
1960 Funliner - My wife and I love the old boats, both wood and fiberglass. We have been looking for a runabout about for four years or so. We bought out Aristo Craft Funliner at an auction and three hours later had Lucy (our newly purchased boats new name) in the water for a short shake down cruise. Four short spins around the cove and we found ourselves pleased with the purchase overall with a few items to work on.

Donald donac597@aol.com Wilmington, NC
Funliner - Just getting started!! Will send pix

James lowefamily5@embarqmail.com Asheboro, NC
1963 Funliner - My late Father bought her new. There's a lot of memories in that old boat. I still remember my dad skiing behind her on the intracoastal waterway with mom driving. Taking her out spot fishing in the fall. After 47 years, I still enjoy using her.

James lowefamily5@embarqmail.com Asheboro, NC
1963 Funliner - My late Father bought her new. There’s alot of memories in that old boat. I still remember my Dad skiing behind her on the intracoastal waterway with Mom driving. Taking her out spot fishing in the fall. After 47 years, I still enjoy using her.

Josue josue.perez@roadrunner.com Utica, NY
1961 Funliner 17 - Purchased boat in pretty bad condition. Used it this season with some restoration. Acquired the hard top from some one with the same kind of boat, different year, but fit to perfection.

Rob RJohnson442@yahoo.com Massillon, OH
1960 Funliner - Picked this boat up because of the style and body lines. Looks like a Chevy on the water. Still looking for a top.

Jim homeworx@touchnc.net Stantonsburg, NC
1977 Nineteen – I purchased this boat from an estate with hopes of restoring it. Time constraints prevent this from happening. I would like to see it go to a good home. This nineteen has fresh water cooled Mercruiser 470 with low hours. The boat is all original with no hull damage and should be an easy restoration. Please email me if you are interested. Jim

Ricky rbfranksiii@yahoo.com Winterville, NC 1957 Torpedo – My dad found one in the mid-60’s, brought it home and refinished it. Very sleek and well made boat, something you don’t see everyday. I would love to find another one to refinish. Showed your web site to my dad who is 71 years old now and it brought back a lot of memories. Thanks, guys.

Wayne hedimist@gmail.com Burlington, NC
I am interested in restoring a Torpedo. Am willing to pay for the privilege!

Julius javant@ec.rr.com Elizabethtown, NC
Love the Torpedo!

Sean hoganhulkster33@gmail.com Gastonia, NC
I bought an old AristoCraft boat and want to fix it up. Any help you can give would be great.

Danny elong@nhcgov.com Wilmington, NC
1964 -- In 2006 I was looking for a boat with a motor well so I could run a gill net from it. A friend of mine told me he had a boat ‘in the woods’ that might work for me. He said it was an AristoCraft that he had a motor well installed (it originally had the transom mount for the motor) ten years earlier so he could run a gill net as well. We hooked a tractor to it and literally pulled it out of the woods on its hull, got all the leaves and limbs out of it and determined the hull was still in decent shape even after TEN YEARS in the woods. The wood rails on the gunwales, bow and seats had rotted but it was still salvageable. I took it home, cleaned it up, split PVS pipe and put along the gunwales, re-enforced the rotten seats and used the boat that fall fishing for Spots with my gill nets. Since the fall of 2006, I have replaced all the rotten wood and I am going to refinish the fiberglass hull this fall. I dearly love this boat. She takes to the water beautifully and it is a dry ride with the flared out V-hull design. Every fisherman that sees my AristoCraft compliments on what a fine fishing boat she is. I will never sell her, she will stay in the family. I challenge anyone to find a 44 year old boat that has been in the woods for ten years and go fishing on it with the minimal work I have done on her. Maybe someday I can find out what model it is by photos or something. Meanwhile, I’ll be fishing with her.

Ted tharkey1@carolina.rr.com Charlotte, NC
1978 AristoCraft 19

Donald dlc1566@netzero.net Wilmington, NC
1956 Funliner - I have a 1956 Funliner that I am trying to restore. There are a lot of things that I need to know about the boat. Lots of little things that can be answered with some photos. Would you have any photos that you could send to my email? I am taking photos of the project and will send them when done. Also, can I give my cell number so you can call me to talk person to person about the boat. I look forward to hearing from you.

Leonard lenthorpe@gmail.com Randleman, NC
Typhoon - I was just given an AristoCraft Typhoon boat. I don’t know much about it other than it has been gutted. If don’t have the money to restore this diamond in the rough to its former shine. If you are looking for a project boat please feel free to get into contact with me.


Lynn lynjanl@srt.com Bottineau, ND
1977 AristoCraft

Capt Ken captkencruiser@yahoo.com Minot, ND
2006 Torpedo - Bought it a year ago in Phoenix NV has 40 hp Merc all restored now looking for an Aristocraft wood cruiser to use on Lake Sakakawea here contact me if you know of one for sale 701 8384965 thanks Capt Ken

Gail shoplady_75@yahoo.com Mandan, ND
I am looking for a used Torpedo boat. I have seen your new ones and they are gorgeous. I would love to find one.

Ken captkencruiser@yahoo.com Minot, ND
1959 Century Coronado – First saw an AristoCraft in Manistee River, 1963. Loved its styling and always wanted one. Hoping to find a used one ready for the water.


Christopher Chrispuzder@gmail.com Berlin Heights, OH
1977 AristoCraft Nineteen - While fishing off a pier with my father and my wife on Fathers Day an old WWII vet in a wheelchair being pushed by his daughter . They talked to us for about a half hour. The old Vet talked longingly of being younger and fishing and going boating. He asked me if I liked to go out on boats and I said yes I miss it but do not have one at the moment. He says he has an old boat for sale for 700 bucks. I smiled and said I wish i could buy it but didn't think I could afford it at the time but I would like to check it out if possible. The next day I went over to his home. He was inside resting but his daughter let me see it. It was perfect. I fell in love. It needs some TLC but was in good shape. I told her I would buy it. A 1977 Aristocraft 19 with trailer all original. So if anyone has one and can help me out with tips, info, where i need to search for parts it would be much appreciated. I promised the gentlemen I would take him out first when I get her in the water and he beamed a great smile. I'm excited but clueless about the boat.

Buff battat1@yahoo.com Columbus, OH
1956 Torpedo - This boat was purchased new by my wife's father in 1956. It still has the original Johnson Javelin 30 and will soon be cosmetically restored!!

William Wpgmedina@zoominternet.net Medina, OH
1954 Torpedo

Michael michaelbelkofer@aol.com Northwood, OH
1976 Nineteen - I have 2 Aristocrafts, one is a 1976 19 with the hard top and the other is a 1963 17 outboard runabout with no top. I have installed a 1995 140 hp Mercruiser in the 19 with power steering.

Sandra edc43204@yahoo.com Columbia, OH
1961 Funliner - I inherited this boat from my dad. We have enjoyed many outings and get great comments on this boat. Everyone loves the wings. It is ready to go out for the season but would also be a great mini restoration project for anyone who wants a HOT vintage boat on the water this summer. We have loved and cared for this boat like a member of our family.

Rich neor@att.net Mentor, OH
1972 AristoCraft 19 - Just got the boat. Its been in my family since new. Needs full restoration. Have fallen in love with it. Super stoked!

Bruce b-man69@roadrunner.com Columbia Station, OH
I saved it from the chain saw yesterday, so I need as much info at all possible. please can you try to help with these issues

Brandon bmplants@gmail.com Lake Milton, OH
1971 19 - Recently purchased a 1971 Aristocraft 19 with the sliding hardtop. Hull is in nice shape, but interior is pretty bad. I plan on making a project out of it and restoring it over the next year. Will keep you updated!!!

Joe great_escaper@earthlink.net Pickerington, OH
1977 Nineteen - I bought this boat from my Father-in-Law about 6 years ago. It has been one of the best boats I've owned. I am in the market for a new front windshield as it has several cracks and is getting worse.

Ron jgreen39@woh.rr.com Tiffin, OH
1962 Glasspar Sefair Sedan - Currently finishing restoration on my Glasspar cruiser and am looking for next project which will be an AristoCraft Torpedo, Typhoon, or Sea Flash if I can find one. Happy Boating!

Tim TKirchner12@comcast.net Dillonvale, OH
1965 FunLiner 18 – I inherited this boat recently. It hasn’t seen water for about 15 years. It was refinished about 20 years ago. The motor is non-working, possibly a leaking head gasket or a cracked head. Otherwise, it really is a nice vessel. Wish I had the time to restore it.

Chris chrisdonna069@yahoo.com Marengo, OH
1966 AristoCraft -- I bought this boat off a guy at work for $300. 110 Mercruiser runs great, needs lots of work, not sure if it is an 18 or 19 foot Funliner. Hard top, need parts, any suggestions?

Joe Ariz0523@aol.com Elyria, OH 1962 Funliner -- I found a 1962 runabout 16’ last year on the side of the road. I didn’t know what I was g3tting in to when I got it. But, I took all the steps I needed to make it mine.

Duff deahunt65@aol.com Findlay, OH
1980 AristoCraft 19 – Looking for a hard top. Boot needs work. Looking forward to sending pictures when it looks better. It runs good!

Ethan Wellington, OH
17 Funliner I found this boat in a field and rescued it. The motor was locked up, it has no seats or accessories and the windshield is cracked. Anyone with info, please contact me.

Ronald jgreen39@woh.rr.com Tiffin, OH
I am a classic boat lover, especially the AristoCraft Torpedo! I swear I will have one some day, either to restore or a new one! I currently have a 1962 Glaspar Seafair Sedan 99% completely restored. I will sell to finance my AristoCraft project.

Todd tdamon@columbus.rr.com Westerville, OH
1959 SeaFlash -- I fell in love with this boat nearly 20 years ago. While attending the Buckeye Lake Wooden Boat Regatta in 1988 or so, I stumbled upon a wonderful little boat that caught my eye. For almost 20 years, I wondered whatever happened to that great little boat that I had seen years before…until, while poking around online, I found the same boat for sale here in Central, Ohio. The boat is a 13 foot AristoCraft SeaFlash. After talking with the Turner family at AristoCraft, this appeared to be one of the few (and possibly the best) 1959 SeaFlash models left in existence. It had been well cared for, but was in need of a cosmetic restoration. After all, it was nearly 50 years old and had never seen as much as a new coat of varnish. Top, bottom, inside and out, the boat was painstakingly disassembled and restored to its original glory. Twelve coats of varnish, a repainted hull (yes, the yellow is the original color) and polishing what seemed like a mile or so of aluminum trim, took one winter. I located an original Mercury Mark 75 outboard motor. Nicknamed the Tower of Power in the late 1950’s. This motor would have no problem pushing the 350 pound hull to white-knuckle speeds. Again, in need of a simple cosmetic restoration, this was a perfect fit for the racy little boat. After the restoration was complete, I ordered a custom-built trailer from Eagle Trailer in Michigan. Eagle built the trailer to my specifications including the color combination that makes the boat look as good on the trailer as it looks in the water.

This summer I entered the completed boat in the same Buckeye Lake Show that I originally spotted the boat at nearly 20 years ago. Among the company of several highly-restored beautiful boats, and much to my surprise, the 1959 AristoCraft took the Best of Class award.

Jerel jcaudill4@cinci.rr.com Middletown, OH
1976 Model 19 -- Can anyone tell me where I can find a windshield for the 1976 model 19?

Jack vetsmarion@roadrunner.com Marion, OH
1974 AristoCraft 19 – Got the boat as part of a campground deal

Buff batta1@yahoo.com Worthington, OH
1956 Torpedo – The boat has been in my wife’s family since it was new!! Getting ready to do a cosmetic restoration.

Jeff ogfrog@yahoo.com Cleveland, OH
1973 Nineteen – Picked up the trade for a car that had been sitting in my back yard for a couple of years. I already had a 19 foot Searay, but I fell in love with my 19 and I am now trying to find the original windshield and top. The former owner broke the windshield and replaced it with plastic and now it looks terrible. Please help me find a replacement.

Craig craigontheboat@aol.com Catawba Island, OH
1965 Funliner - Purchased from Goodwill as a donated boat, seized engine they said. I just got it home today, might just need outdrive work? I am looking for the center windshield and hardtop.

Jerry haynesfiberglass@aol.com Milford, OH
1963 Funliner

Del delc5250@yahoo.com Lorain, OH
1975 AristoCraft Nineteen - My father and I purchased our 1975 AristoCraft Nineteen just recently. My father actually went thru a major cancer rehab. Unfortunately, he lost one of his lungs. That is the reason we purchased the boat. He wants to fish but he doesn’t have the lung capacity. Ok, enough of that. I am trying to locate a windshield. Ours is damaged on the one side. Also, where can I find parts and a boat repair manual for our boat? By the way, the boat is in storage right now. I’ll get some pictures as soon as I can. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post!

James Rebeccaakron@aol.com Akron, OH
1955 Torpedo

Jack jactic@fuse.net Cincinnati, OH
1973 AristoCraft


Chad HSP_1128@yahoo.com Checotah, OK
1963 - Bought the poor thing out of a field in 2009 for $300. The original motor even ran. Sort of. In 36 trips on the lake, it made it back to the dock 4 times on its own power. Over that first summer I tuned it up and learned it would start up fine if you gave it wide open throttle and jumped the solenoid. Next season I fixed the carbs and burnt the starter up. No trolling motor and too much current to paddle. So after a night on the boat, I dragged it to the boat ramp 3 miles away. So the next season it got a trolling motor. The water hoses started leaking so a friend and I changed them, along with the fuel lines. Bad luck stuck again... swapped a water line for a vacuum hose on the intake and locked the 75 horse Evinrude up. I can't give up though, so I bought another '63 with same motor, but bad heads. That parts boat came with a modified windshield and a hardtop, just $300 for the whole package! Hopefully I will get the motor going soon because that old boat did 25mph straight out of the field with literally 75% of the fuel pump diaphram rotted away. I love that boat. It's purple and it fits.

Daniel dandb.service@pidi.net Pond Creek, OK
1966 9-Teen

Robert cindywoolsey@att.net Tishomingo, OK
My granddad had one of these boats years ago. I’m interested in learning more about them.
Paul ferguso@valornet.com Tulsa, OK 1962

Jerry jerrysnow007@yahoo.com Edmond, OK
I/O Hardtop - Just getting boat. Will find out more and want to restore and or sell. Thanks.


Dave dream1965@gmail.com Portland, OR
1965 Aristocraft Day Cruiser - I am the second owner, purchased from a young couple that inherited it from their grandfather, who purchased this little beauty New in 1965, stored in doors and extremely clean I own several boats, but this is by far my favorite, thought I would share!

David skrudumradeuce@gmail.com Albany, OR

Dale daletwilson@hotmail.com Seaside, OR
1967 AristoCraft - Where can I find AristoCraft decals?

Steve sreischke@clear.net Salem, OR
1965 Funliner - Picked this up from a RV dealership for a song. Had to replace the lower unit. Engine runs good. Smooth riding boat!

Robert kona77@live.com Medford, OR
1964 Funliner - HI,I just got my boat off of Craig's list. I have been watching for a few months so finally I went to look at it and wow she's in all most perfect shape!! I know boats as I use to build them so I had to give her a good home .. but the factory window is really dull and not clear to see through. What can I do? The hard top is nice and I'm looking for emblems for the boat where it needs them. I'm going to keep my Funliner for a long time. It's like a new boat. and there are fewer on the water to day .. which I think is better than a boat that anyone can go buy .. thanks see you out fishing ..


Brian briguynorth58@gmail.com Bradford, PA
1963 Funliner - I couldn't believe when I saw her in a classified ad... $700.00 Teal, and white. Running 1968 Mercury engine 50 hp. All original/working hard top, sliding windows, and even hatch. I have been a marine mechanic for over 15 years, you don't see too many beauties like this anymore. Glad there are some of us out there....

Bruce barlip05@yahoo.com Hamburg, PA
1967 Nineteen - I have a 1967 AristoCraft 9 teen. I am the second owner. My buddy's dad bought it new in 67. We have had it on the water since 2007. This is the first year we won't. Last year we bought a bigger boat so we are thinking of selling it to some one who will love it as much as we did, what do these boats go for in decent condition? I have no idea any help would be helpful.

Ryan olenelly@ptd.net Boyertown, PA
1969 - Have a 1969 19' boat with an inboard 120 hp Mercruiser. I don't know much about it would like to find out what model it is. It has the roof that slides on a track and can be removed. As well as 6 seats of which the front 4 fold into a bed. Anyone know what model this may be? The boat is in really nice shape picked it up for $800 with a 2001 load rite trailer did I get a good deal? The boat came with all receipts of work done to it from 1970 to 2004 the last it was in the water. In 2004 the outdrive and the prop was rebuilt $2,200 was the bill. The boat also came with all original books manuals and such. Thanks Ryan

Mike miketurchick8@gmail.com Jim Thorpe, PA
1954 Typhoon - got boat about 15 years ago. It has partial restoration, sitting in garage with trailer and 10 horse Johnson Seahorse motor. Running out of time to work on it, looking to sell. Thank-you.

Stu stuartbailey@shelby.websitewelcome.com Stroudsburg, PA
1969 Nineteen -Hello fellow Aristocrafts. I have driven by this boat for years watching it covert from something man made to nature reclaiming it. I finally turned around after years of driving by and asked the owner whats with the boat planter? The reply was for free. Well now that hit a cord with my wallet. Most of my life one mans throwaways has been my treasure. No title, bill of sale, previous registration just a old fashion hand shake and a owner saying it was my dads and he passed away years ago. The boat now has been cleaned from stem to stern removing leaves, small plants, bees & trash and years of lichen growth on the outer hull. Some mice made a nice home on top of the 165 hp straight 6. The boat has sat for years so my engine was my first concern ,pulled all plugs check each cylinder no rust & valves were all free, oils clean ,so turn the motor over slowly by hand. Hurrah, no problems. with the motor froze foamed cylinders again spun it by hand some more. Now I need to get the proper paper work. Due to dear old dad of the previous owner not registering the craft I have to go for a long bomb with paperwork instead of a short pass with triple AAA and this also has to be done for the trailer. The out drive I'm gaining knowledge of ever day but need a manual for the i/o and a manual for the boat would be nice. Dad can stop rolling in his grave and smile hopefully with his sprite looking over my shoulder and any advise from well wishers I can crack a plastic bottle of pop across the bow and launch this gal to neptunes play ground again. Thanks for your advice & prayers Stu Bailey

Mike cmlindauer@hotmail.com Pottstown
1952 Torpedo - My Father bought it new from a local dealer. It sat in the basement for 20 years stripped when I got it(1983). I repaired and refinished it. I found a 1955 Mark 55 motor and was running it regularly for 5 years. Currently its in my basement waiting to come back out. Pics to follow....

Jonathan daddiojb@hotmail.com Abington, PA
1967 9-Teen – Purchased the boat in June 2010. Boat was sitting for 15 years and we replaced all hoses and belts. Put in the water September 1, 2010 and boat runs great.

David drakocy@verizon.net Enola, PA
1977 9-Teen - I just purchased this boat. I finally found one that will give me something to tinker with around the house. My other boats include a Grady White fishing boat, and a Baja speed boat. I think we will spend more time in this than the Baja. This is a picture sitting for sale, now the work begins, going to start Fathers Day 2008. I am looking for minor parts and manuals. Email drakocy@verizon.net if there are any leads. 1 cracked side window, and some knowledge would help.

Jim nelly608@verizon.com Greensburg, PA
1955 Torpedo I bought used in 1970 for $100.00. Last time in water was 1976. It has been garaged since. Presently is a work in progress to restore. Have 1960 Johnson OB, 13 inch pitch prop – I know this is too low – any suggestions? Will send photos later.

Brad imbradman@hotmail.com West Chester, PA
1956 Sea Flash 13’ -- I just received this boat with the original Mercury Mark 30 from the original owner. The boat is severely damaged from a tree falling across the bow, and years of sitting outside. I hope to begin restoration this winter.

Edwin deaton001@comcast.net Mechanicsburg, PA
1955 Torpedo 14 This is a one owner boat from 1955 to 2006. I am the second owner. It is in excellent condition with the original 1956, 40 hp Mercury outboard and original TeeNee trailer.

Chris brigburns@yahoo.com Kempton, PA
1956 Torpedo

Steve bushwackersteve@comcast.net Hanover, PA
1979 19 Hardtop

Keith & Rikki HoneeDipr@aol.com Pittsburgh, PA
1945 Typhoon/Taifun -- A labor of love present for 2008 Valentines Day. Seaworthy but will need restoration.

Bart milburnb@gmail.com Bade, PA
1979 Nineteen - I bought it with the hardtop. After many new engine/outdrive parts it runs like a champ.

Larry lmar701@yahoo.com Rostraver, PA
1963 - My Dad bought a brand new seafoam green/crème 17’ fiberglass boat (he doesn’t remember the model) off the showroom floor in 1963. He was torn between her and a Glastron, but the AristoCraft was too gorgeous to pass by. My Mom didn’t want him to get a boat but she could see that she was going to lose the battle and she thought it was a pretty boat, too. So she dropped in a stipulation to save face..”Ok, Honey, you can get a boat as long as you name her after me,” she said. My Dad’s reply was “alright, how about the Battle Axe?” He then purchased a 1 year old 60 HP Gale outboard and took the new boat home on a Gator trailer. After 46 years, my Dad is now 78. And along with the memories of the majority of nearly a half century of summers on the boat on the various lakes and rivers around Pittsburgh, he still has the boat, the motor, and the trailer! Oh yeah, and the wife, too. The boat has some stress cracks here and there, and we have to hand a new motor on her this year. (We would love to get the old Gale fixed, but anyone around here that knew how to fix them is dead or way too old to want to try.) But even with the replacement motor she has always been and will always been the prettiest boat to run on the Yough Lake.

Ronald rabena1@verizon.net Calvin, PA
1974 Nineteen - Bought the boat in 1974 off the truck while working for a marina. Had one ordered but a New York dealer was unable to pay for this one and I got it freight-free at the Harrisburg Seaplane Base so it would not have to be returned to Atlanta. Met Claude Turner and toured the factory a few years later on Pylant Steet. Still use it on Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania. Always giving tours of it.

Scott scottdmarshall@verizon.net PA
1963 Funliner - Unsure of past owner’s history. Spring of 2008, rescued from a back yard patch of woods. This owner had some work done on it in 1997 (ish) and it last saw water in summer of 2002. She is powered by 1960 Gale Sovereign 60 hp (V4-2 stroke). It is August 15th, 2009 and she runs just fine, except for shifter linkage trouble (repaired in the water knee deep in muck!) Once we christened her, “Penny Lane.” We had a blast all day in the Sassafrass River, MD. I’m looking for a place to upload photos, asap. Brian brian.newhouse@emd.curtisswright.com Gibsonia, PA 1963 Funliner - 1963 Funliner with the factory hardtop and rear seat option. Original complete condition, needing restored. Looking for a mint condition used or new reproduction windshield (bubble top style) any leads? Very interested in talking with anyone about their Funliner model and restoration efforts.

Emanuel erealart@gmail.com Newport, RI
1968 -- Well, I saw this boat on the side of the road in my neighborhood. I immediately liked the style, and saw great potential! The boat was beat, and in bad shape! So, I rescued her. She had an original 1959 Merc, Mark 58, 45 hp outboard on her. Unfortunately the impeller was shot, but it still has compression and is strong. I found a 1972 Johnson, and now enjoy my customized AristoCraft. I gutted a crappy fiberglassed carseat job, and replaced the steering, added some cleats, and stainless hand rails. She is by no stretch a restoration, but a classic all her own!


Ron ronandjanet@bellsouth.net Johns Island, SC
1952 Torpedo 14 - Bill and Scott at Atlanta Boat Works restored the boat; my wife's Dad had purchased it and kept it under cover since 1952. Though in great shape, the renovation brought the looks of the boat back to near new. We could not be happier. It's a gift to pass on to our children and grandchildren. Our most sincere THANKS guys!

Brian huggi@yahoo.com Andersen, SC 1976 AristoCraft 19 165 hp My grandfather purchased this boat new. Boat has only been in fresh water. Always kept inside when not on the water and looks great. Engine looks and runs like the day it rolled off the assembly line. I learned to ski behind this boat, and I hope my kids will, too!

John johnriley@chesnet.net Chesnee, SC
Typhoon – purchased in August 2007. It is very complete, but needs some wood replacement. I look forward to getting it into the water, hopefully by next summer!

Chris ch442@yahoo.com Easley, SC
1958 Avalon -- Myself and countless numbers of my friends and relatives learned to ski behind this boat. It is powered by a 25 hp Westbend Silvershark. Would love to hear from anyone with one of these.

Donnie delrod1964@aol.com Lexington, SC
1961 17’ AristoCraft Funliner - I have restored many vehicles over the years. The last being a 1949 Chevy Panel Van. When I saw this boat, I just couldn’t let it go to the dump. I took it off the person’s hands and have spent 9 months now to get a good title. Now it is time to restore and upgrade to today’s standards. I have some items that I would like to keep original such as the bow lights and flag mast, the windshield, and all the other rope tie offs that are chrome. If anyone has an idea where I can get such items, it would be greatly appreciated.

Tim timdeese@comporium.net York, SC
1974 Nineteen -- Friend just gave me this boat. I’d classify it as ‘good condition.’ Still has the original seats. I’ll send some pictures later. Does anyone know where I could get a shop maintenance manual. It has a Chevy 165 hp in-line six motor with a Mercruiser outboard.

David dkasprzyk@sc.rr.com Columbia, SC
1972 Nineteen -- Restoring a 1972 AristoCraft Nineteen with a 165 hp 6 cyl. Looking to purchase and restore a 72 model 19.

Bob moodysgarage@hotmail.com Clover, SC
1976 Nineteen - Paid $400.00. It had not spark. I fixed that in 5 minutes. It came with a trailer, new gas tank, and battery. It has the 120 and runs good. Started to restore and is going slow but sure. Installed new stereo and started to paint hull and top.

Scott tatt20ed@yahoo.com Anderson, SC
1973 - Just bought a 73 model 19 with the 120 hp 4 cyl. Boat is in decent shape for its age. Missing the top, hoping to eventually find one.

Duane duane@geniusinc.com Moore, SC
1974 19 - My father bought the boat in 1974, sold it in 1976, bought it back in 1977. Then he gave it to me in 2007 as a birthday present. I restored it and my family and I have been enjoying it every summer since.


Jay jaypeskey@hotmail.com Sioux Falls, SD
Funliner - Found her sitting out in a pasture about half hour from home. When I asked the farmer about it, he told me to take it and get it out of there. So I drove home got my trailer and a couple friends and headed back out. Now she's sitting in my drive way and the only things crawling in and out of her now are my kids.

Steve sz200@netscape.net Pierre, SD 1979 AristoCraft – I want to find out how to remove old fuel from carburetor and fuel line. There is a part missing which involves exhaust, but I cannot recall what it is called.


Jeremiah corvettedaddy76@gmail.com Tennessee
1963 Funliner - I was searching for a boat that truly symbolized "Americana." I wanted a boat that truly speaks out; "Proud to be an American" where stylish lines , chrome, and quality really meant something. My search ended when I stumbled across my 1963 AristoCraft Funliner. It truly represents a period of time where passion, quality, and good 'ole American backbone go hand in hand. To me, it really represents "Made In The U.S.A." I hope this story finds you all well. God Bless America. Any and all help with restoration parts would be greatly appreciated.

John Johncrider7@gmail.com Soddy Daisy, TN
Picked up a 12'? Wood boat 3? Seats looking to restore. Dwight bugdewde@comcast.net Rockwood, TN 1979 Nineteen - I'm into retro vehicles, Chevy Vegas, 60's aircooled VWs, 70's Trans Ams.... so when looking for a boat, naturally, I wanted retro. Love the styling of the Nineteen and the versatility of the sliding hardtop rocks. Lots of floor space, storage, cruises great and really moves with the 170 HP inline four 470. Found mine down on Lake Oconee outside Atlanta and bought it from the neighbor of the original owner who worked at the AristoCraft factory. Very well-kept boat.

Scott and Marla sandman450@comcast.net Arlington, TN
2013 14' Torpedo

Gary jonndoe999@aol.com Knoxville, TN
1970 Nineteen - I was just given a 1970 AristoCraft 9-Teen. Unfortunately it has been sitting for quite sometime, and not in the best of conditions. It's in pretty rough shape. I love the styling of the boat. I hope to someday get it up and running and looking as good as some pictures I've seen on here. Right now I have no idea of where to even start.

Dave boozermail@comcast.net Chattanooga, TN
1977 Nineteen - Grew up riding in a 64 Funliner. Now have a restored 9teen.

Daniel danielbanks460@gmail.com Rogersville, TN
1963 Funliner 17 - A friend of mine from school, told me about an old boat his uncle had just sitting in his backyard, piled full of junk, and just wanted it gone. At the time I didn't know anything about boats or Aristo Craft for that matter, but it was free so I pulled it home. (Yes I said free. He signed it over to me for $0.00) It was rough, but had potential, Once I cleaned it out and gave it a bath, I could tell I had something. Long story short though, I'm still in the process of restoring it (Have had it for bout a year). The windshield is toast and so was the transom until I replaced it. The bottom of the hull was fouled pretty bad, but I just finished spraying fresh gel coat on it. I'm still a ways out from being finished, but I might be able to get her in the water by the end of the summer. I'll post pictures and keep my story up to date.

Chris Cpeugeot@comcast.net Franklin, TN
1970 Nineteen - My father purchased this boat new at the Atlanta Boat Show when I was 3. I grew up learning about boating on Lake Lanier and still have the boat today! It's the best kept nineteen I have seen to date. It has many sentimental values to me and I am continuously restoring it. It has the original seats and everything else other than carpet. I love this boat and always get many compliments when I take it out.

Mike mikeplantholt@yahoo.com Chattanooga, TN
1962 Funliner - Bob Day bought a 17ft. Funliner new in 1962 in Birmingham, AlThe boat was used often throughout the years as it was handed down to his son Gorden and then to Gorden's son Jeff Day. Jeff was my college roomate in Moble AL in the late 80's. In the early nineties Jeff got a 18 ft SeaRay. Since he didn't have room for both boats and didn't want to loose touch with the boat he grew up skiing behind, he gave it to me. It has been garage kept for most of it's time and is in pretty good shape. It has a white hull and a light blue cap. We still use it regularly - and love it.

Ryan rmoodytn@yahoo.com Knoxville, TN
1976 Nineteen - for sale all original nineteen hard top with the 165 merc.garage kept and looks like new

David djpleau@gmail.com Bybee, TN
1972 AristoCraft Nineteen - I would not be selling this boat, but I wrecked by truck and am in need of another Ford Ranger or similar size in good running condition. Boat has new carpeting and upholstery, sliding top, Deep V Hull, 120 Merc I/O, complete with EZ Load trailer (new tires and wheels,) spot/flood light, 2 way radio, all new seats and carpet, as well as fish finder. Call 423-248-6255.

Jon jonhall205@gmail.com Nashville, TN
1968 9-Teen - Grew up on the boat. Almost a dozen people learned to ski on this boat! Took it out today. Thinking of restoring to new condition. Love the simplicity and style. Radio and getting the lights is next on my to-do list. Rock on AristoCraft!

Mac radiocage@bellsouth.net Nashville, TN
1973 AristoCraft 19

Capt. Walker stripertkw@aol.com Lebanon, TN
1978 AristoCraft Nineteen -- Well, folks, after retiring from a major automotive manufacturer and Striper Guide Business, I started collecting Vintage Outboard motors and parts, primarily Keikhaefer Mercury and got interested in APBA Racing for my adult son father and son project. That is still in the works….At the same time I was looking for a nice, vintage outboard runabout to put one of my motors on when I stumbled onto a beautiful 1978 Nineteen with top, Premo Interier access ladder, and excellent interior…with original upholstery and dash, everything soft and plyable with the original Moody trailer. After being on the water for over 50 years, my Dad and my Son have both owned I/O, this is my first. I have only had it for three days and will send pictures shortly. It needs some cosmetic and a little TLC work, but for a boat 30 years old it is in great shape and can tell it has never been in the Sun. There are a lot of questions I want to ask because I do not know much about this style of boat. But, I have always admired the AristoCrafts. I have always fished all my life. So, when I saw it, it was a boat I had to have. The S/N is ATL72110M78C, and if anyone can tell me more about this boat I would really appreciate it. And, I also appreciate this club. I am also a member of AOMCI and APBA. Thanks!

Mac radiocafe@bellsouth.net Nashville, TN 1973 19 ft. AristoCraft Runabout – I bought this boat last year in very good condition. I am in the process of restoration and I am in need of the left front windscreen. Could someone advise me on getting a replacement windscreen? Thanks.

Merwyn mchase38@charter.net Kingsport, TN
1978 Nineteen -- Have had boat from 1978. Still runs and looks good. Changed to electronic ignition.

Dan dancopyman@hotmail.com Kingsport, TN
1979 Nineteen

William iou812@msn.com Munford, TN
1972 AristoCraft 17 -- I do not own this boat “YET.” It is on Ebay and I want to restore it. It is an inboard and the drive is off of it and it needs to be rebuilt. Do you know if parts will be available to rebuild?

Jamey Hondaman_19_tn@yahoo.com Kingsport, TN
1972 9-Teen - I bought this boat from a man who said it was in fair condition. I picked it up, took it to a shop and had an estimate done on it. They said I was looking at a couple thousand just to get it running! I started my search for parts, services, and whatever I could find. Hmm…wow….looks like I may have something here! However, I may be going to Iraq soon. Anyone wanna buy a boat? I paid $900, I would take a little less. I don’t think I’m going to have the time to even get started….but I love its look and wish I could keep it!!!!!

Clayton claytonsnell@yahoo.com Murfreesboro, TN
1963 Fiberglass

Ryan rmoodytn1@yahoo.com Corryton, TN
1976 Nineteen - For sale, 1976 1976 19 sliding hardtop with 165 Mercruiser, great shape, kept in garage since it was bought. Just pulled it out two weeks ago to sell. It is the only time kept outside. All original. Email if interested.

William williamhardin3@yahoo.com Oak Ridge, TN
1977 Nineteen – Found a 1977 Nineteen on Craigs List, complete merc. 140 and drive. Paid $200. Just removed the engine and drive unit. Want to install a V6 or a V8. Has the original trailer. A side from the engine swap. The boat will need seats and steering system, new windshield as well as gauges. She is a cream puff.

Clayton claytonsnell@yahoo.com Murfreesboro, TN

Greg g.fordx1@comcast.net Madison, TN
1969 9-Teen - My wife and I purchased this boat from a friend. Upon cleaning the boat we found a packet that had paperwork for everything done to the boat since its birth plus brochures and owners manual. We take the boat to Lake Michigan every year and it runs as well as any boat on the water. I hope to find the hard top. It is the only piece we don’t have.

Jeff jshotwell1@comcast.net Germantown, TN
1972 9Teen – 1972 AristoCraft 19. I had all the bellows replaced and the power trim pump reworked. Now I am starting on the engine. I last ran it about three years ago, and not it turns over but won’t start. Rebuilding the carburetor this week, but I’m not sure what to do next.


Kyle spaderkyle@yahoo.com Canyon Lake, TX
1973 Nineteen

Greg schneiderg2001@yahoo.com Granbury, TX
1956 Torpedo - Recently acquired this 1956 14 foot Torpedo and look forward to a total restoration including the 1958 40 HP Scott Atwater.

Doug dcmyersjr2003@yahoo.com Myers, TX
1973 Nineteen - Bought from son of original owner needing minor restoration. all original and all there.

Tim t.dones@sbcglobal.net Simonton, TX
1972 Nineteen - My Father bought this boat new and I have had it since he passed away in 1986. It has the 120 Merc in it and has never had any work done to it except good maintenance. It still runs good but lacks power to get up two skiers. I saw an ad on iboats for a 19 that was Factory Aristo Craft restored 4 years ago. I would be very interested in this if it is available as the boat is all original including upholstery. Please let me know if this service is available.

Wayne waynegillespie55@att.net Houston, TX No boat yet. Just phoned Bill with newbie questions. He was friendly and informative. Very stylish boats.

James tepley@rankinisd.net Rankin, TX
1956 Torpedo 14 - Was raised in N.C. and we went to the lake it seems , every Saturday. Loved this boat, and my dad gave it to me shortly before his death. It is in need of restoration now. Any suggestions on how to do it or places in west Texas that do this? Thanks for any help.

Jessica jmar.marshall@yahoo.com Waller, TX
1969 Nineteen - was given the boat and didnt think it would be much, until we started cleaing it up and realized it just had a good layer of dirt on it. the engine was refurbished a few years back and all we have to do is buff the hull. We want to keep it original with the green top and seats but we are also planning on adding a stereo and a couple other comfort items.

Tony farmallM39@sbcglobal.net Weatherford, TX
1973 Nineteen – I was given the boat for getting a forklift running. It only has 400 hours on it, but it has sat out under pecan trees for a lot of years, so it needs some cosmetic work.

Joe jmccauley@uh.edu Houston, TX
1958 Torpedo – My Dad raced it with Mk78 in 1958, I with Mk 58A in 1959. Photo shows my Dad jumping the gun with J. C. Leatherwood (Scott 60/Allison) at the Knoxville Boat Club in 1958. Speed with the 70 Mercury in time trials was over 48 mph. With a Merc 800/Sportsmaster gearcase in 1960, speed was about 53 mph.

Ronde ronde367@yahoo.com Wichita Falls, TX
1973 AristoCraft Nineteen -- I am having a problem finding a window for my 73. I have looked high and low and no luck…can anyone help me.

Jay j.morrison2160@yahoo.com Amarillo, TX
1972 9-TEEN -- I purchased this boat used in 1976 from a local boat dealer. It had been run equipped with auto seats and auto steering wheel. Other than that, it appears to be all original, including the aft ladder. Wish it had a bit more power (mercruiser 120), but still wouldn’t trade for anything else out there. In process of restoring to complete original condition. All white with gold top.

Patrick & Judy pmmjlm@yahoo.com Austin, TX
1975 Nineteen -- We bought our Nineteen 3 years ago and we love our boat!

Sid sidsay@aol.com Waco, TX
1977 Nineteen -- Had in 1978 when I was younger and it was my favorite boat. Last Sept., 08, I found the 1977 and am in the process of having it ready for the spring. Thanks. Sid

Len michaelvest@netzero.com Brownsboro, TX 1959 AristoCraft -- Just recently purchased a vintage AristoCraft boat and looking for information on replacements parts (windshield mainly.)

Joejmccauley@uh.edu Houston, TX
1958 Torpedo - I raced that boat in 1959 in NOA, set one record with it.

Lisa bugnluv@yahoo.com East Troy, TX
1971 AristoCraft 19

Rickey RKY1017@aol.com Spring, TX
1973 Nineteen - This is the second AristoCraft that I have owned. It is in very nice, original condition with the upgraded 165 Mercruiser. It has the tan hardtop with olive-like interior. A real eye catcher.

Paul paul.chance@sbcglobal.net Houston, TX
1972 AristoCraft 19 - Bought boat new at boat show in Houston. Have had it ever since. Its garage kept and still looks good. It has a 120 Mercruiser and will run approx 42 mph. Would be interested in knowing approx. value.

Jim jimdennison12@gmail.com Webster, TX
1972 Nineteen - I recently bought this boat for restoration. I am interested in manuals and wiring diagrams. Purchased from the original owner. Thanks!

K D rusty_apache@yahoo.com San Antonio, TX
1956 SeaFlash - I was given the SeaFlash in 1984 by a neighbor who knew I wanted a finned boat. It had been cocooned in black visqueen and duct tape. It was sitting on sawhorses outdoors. The only thing missing is the plexiglass windshield. The veneer is loose in a few places, and there is one small hole on the deck. It’s not been out of my garage since 1988. I now have a Mercury outboard for it and a dilly trailer. I am determined to eventually restore it, but I am intentionally moving slowly so not to make any missteps.

Daniel holbrookd2@aol.com Cibolo, TX
1973 AristoCraft 19 - First of all, I love my 19. The boat belonged to my wife’s cousin who had done very little to the boat in 5 plus years he owned it. He was faced with a move and offered my brother-in-law and I a deal we couldn’t refuse. It was almost one of those if you haul it off you can have it deals. The boat wasn’t in bad shape but definitely needed some TLC. Our original intention was to do as little as possible to the boat and use it for fishing, but as time went on and we learned more about the AristoCraft brand, and our boat in particular, we decided that a full restoration was in order. We have repainted and redone the upholstery (went with a blue interior over the original orange). We fabricated custom side panels around the side storage compartments that look awesome. We have replaced all the wiring and refreshed the mechanicals. We are about 90% done with the restoration at this point but still have a few items to button up. We’ll be sure and send in updated photos once we’re on the water.

Erik ericktardy@rocketmail.com Clifton, TX
1967 Nineteen - I bought my boat for five hundred dollars. It had set up for eight years before I bought it and it runs. I could not have made a better buy.

Skip hild77@yahoo.com San Antonio, TX
1971 AristoCraft 19 - Family bought this boat in 1971 on my birthday, March 20th. I still own it and it runs great.


E. elvira1077@hotmail.com Riverton, UT
1968 AristoCraft - We just got this boat and are looking to restore it. It starts but haven't taken it out yet.

Shane shane.architecture@gmail.com Provo, UT
1969 9Teen - I bought my 9 teen down in Las Vegas where it had been cooking in the sun unused for 9 years. After weeks of tuning up she runs great. We get so many compliments from other boaters. Love the 9 teen - looking for another.

Johnny graywolf54@gmail.com Utah
AristoCraft 19

Fred vflatlander1@verizon.net Danville, VT
Funliner -- I have a 17’ Funliner either 68, 69, or 70. Not sure which. I would like to where to look for ID number. I have looked all over this boat. No luck. It needs some transom work . Given to me by family after a friend (owner) passed away. Planning to work on it this spring and get it back in the water. Would like to be in contact with anyone who can give me information.

John baustinj@gmail.com Salisbury, VT
1956 SeaFlash - Owned a 1956 AristoCraft SeaFlash in Barton, Vermont. Sold to an unknown buyer, but would like now to locate the SeaFlash. The engine was a Mercury 18, solid wood finish.


George georp@verizon.net Newport News, VA
1963 Funliner - Found this boat for sale on Craigslist locally. Had been in shed storage since 1989. All original including side windows, hardtop and engine & trailer. It was missing the seat cushions which I hope to duplicate before spring.

A Fonda afonda123@yahoo.com Manassas, VA
1971 Nineteen - For Sale. Boat and sliding top / no drive line / currently shrink wrapped. Make Offer.

Joe widtunnel401@aol.com King George, VA
1969 AristoCraft Good hard top boat. Love the 1969 AristoCraft


Marc marcairtime@aol.com Kirkland, WA
1968 Year of the 9Teen - Must have 18 liner. No floor cut outs. Dry foam, 160 hp 6cyl Merc. 3rd owner. 450 hr. nice condition. "If you can get it out you can have it". It took two of us 6 hrs. and a winch to get it out. It had rolled 70' down my neighbors back yard into the black berries bushes 1n 2003 where it sat till Aug/2011. I got all paper work including original delivery paper work to Bellevue WA.(Oct/68) Original 68 Little Dude trailer. Light beige with black sliding top. Great boat for touring waterfront homes, beaches and restaurants of Lake Washington and Lake Union in the greater Seattle area. Lots of nice compliments. I have been boating for 50yrs. and this is the first one I have ever seen. I did see it 10 yrs ago when my neighbor brought it home from the upholstery shop. Nice, redone like original. I do plan on replacing the tacky woodgrain side panels and dash (pealing) with real wood this winter.

Randy Matt42mtq@comcast.net Gig Harbor, WA
1955 Torpedo – Boat was found in a backyard jungle and was badly deteriorating in January of 2005. It was returned to AristoCraft in October 2006 for restoration and picked up in August, 2007 for the return trip home to Washington for her second time around. (Before and after pictures are in the restoration pictures section.)

Mike earait@aol.com Vashon Island, WA
1958 Seaspray This boat is undergoing a complete restoration. Photos will be sent as available. I am the boat’s second owner, purchasing it in 1960.

Al sathompson2@comcast.net Camas, WA
1955 SeaFlash -- Purchased boat in 1979 from original owner with 30 hp Johnson in real nice original condition. I found a 55 Torpedo in semi-rough shape, but certainly restorable. I have a Mark 78a for this one.

Deana & Leann dphinn@centurytel.com Vashon, WA
1977 9-Teen -- We live on Vashon Island, WA, and we saw it for sale in an abandoned parking lot. Probably paid too much for it, but its got great potential. Not to mention it still screams along at a very good clip. Just beginning the work. Right now we are simply replacing parts (seats, windows, etc.) By next spring, it should turn even more heads! BTW – Anyone out there replace the back to back seats with the modern replacements that are available? The measurements don’t match up and I’m wondering if you can somehow put the new seats in the existing configuration. I’m not one of those boat owners that decide to “tile” the bulkhead of a 1956 ChrisCraft! I’ve seen it done. What a shame. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Terry mccswift@gmail.com Seattle, WA
1956 Torpedo -- Found advertised for sale in Roseburg, Oregon, 1956 AristoCraft with original Mk78 Mercury and Tee Nee trailer in excellent condition. Found to be as advertised with only a little delamination of raised deck panel. Removed engine for the trip, replaced bearings on trailer and towed home to Seattle. Have since stripped off hardware and repainted in and out. Have new windshield and original style bow light coming and will replace engine with 1960 Mercury 400. Bill at AristoCraft confirmed boat shipped new March 18, 1956 to Roseburg, Oregon. Hope to have on the water for the Opening Day of Yachting season Parade May 2, 2009. Pictures to follow…

Joel veritas_eagle8@comcast.net Vancouver, WA
1958 Matador 15’ – Blue and White - We purchased this boat in 1958 and put a 35 hp Evinrude. Years of fun on lakes and rivers of the Northwest. Especially, a great ski boat on Hood Canal. Now,….we need to do some restoration work. Are there parts available such as running lights. Original windshield parts? Please provide ANY resource information that I could contact. I am not a boat builder…but, I need to repair the hull and a small hole in the side panel of the boat. Recommend renovations in the Pacific Northwest?? I just discovered this website in July of 2010. I am even more enthusiastic than before.

Ian ianreiddc@yahoo.com Washington DC
1972 19 - Just bought my 19 from a guy in New Jersey. It was restored already, but I will be adding some personal touches this winter.


DJ djisawesome101@gmail.com Twin Lakes, WI
1959 AristoCraft - Need help please give me ideas.

John john@wauhradio.com Oshkosh, WI
1973 Nineteen - Ours was first owned by Charlie Alexander the former president of Mercury Marine. My dad bought it 22 years ago from Wendts Marine, and now I bought it in 2013. Has the inline 6 Chevy 165 HP and runs great! Orange hardtop, everything but the speedometer and depth finder is original. We live on Lake Winnebago and take it out with friends nearly everyday!

Bill bsiebert@dave.net Wausau, WI
2006 Torpedo 14 - Purchased boat out of New York had about 4 hours running time on it spent most of it's life in storage.Brought it home last weekend and have been polishing and admiring ever since just waiting for the labor day weekend. Has a 40 hp merc 4stroke. What a lovely piece of history.

Cliff waubesa2@att.net Madison, WI
2003 Torpedo 14 - I bought boat on ebay from newhampshire antique boat musseum with 35hp lark Ihave repowered with 67 merc 500. The hull # is nypz77431203. Not sure if this was factory finished or done in the field.

Henry hhodgson@ttmtech.com Weyerhauser, WI
1974 AristoCraft Nineteen - Bought it around 1986 near Marshfield, WI. Been fishing out of it ever since. I am looking to sell it, or maybe donate to a boys ranch for restoration. E-mail me if interested. It is the 120 HP version.

John jtroudt@surfprep.com Pewaukee, MI
1956 14' Torpedo - Purchased a 14 ft 56 model wood boat in good condition from brother in law Boat was on Lake Minitonka for past 20 years

Peter pmiesbauer@earthlink.net Madison, WI
1965 Funliner – I found this cute hardtop along the side of the road in May of 2007. After researching, I learned the boat has the original Mercury outboard with extremely low hours. It was not used much by the original owners in the last 40 years.

Chuck Charles.petersen@micorp.com Thiensville, WI
1954 Torpedo 14 -- Purchased from fellow Stock Outboard racer and original owner in 1987. 100% original wood (never stripped), hardware, and trailer. Seats were light blue with white cheverons. Replaced with red and white. Have original 1952 Merc model KG-9 as well as restored 1954 MK50 and 1955 MK55. Bottom striped & sealed with CPES and painted correct yellow. Award winner at ACBS shows in MN and WI and used every summer in Three Lakes, WI.

Lee andersonl@firstweber.com Prairie du Sac, WI
1960 Funliner

Lee LeeRummery@TDS.net Waterford, WI
Torpedo 14 – exact year unknown – 1954 – I picked up the boat in very poor condition. Spent occasional hours over 6 years repairing, not doing a faithful restoration, but it turned out beautifully. Put a ’59 Johnson SuperSeaHorse 35 on it. Wife and I love the look and performance of the boat. We get lots of thumbs up on Lake Geneva.

Edward bno@wi.rr.com Menononee Falls, WI
1977 Nineteen 165 Mercruiser - For Sale. This is my boat that I bought new in 1977. It has been stored in a heated shop on a E-Z Loader trailer. The use was minimal and only has approximately 20 hours of use. Color is WT/BR. It has a hardtop with windows, a snap on rear enclosure, and a transport cover.

Randy wemakeemrunagain@gmail.com Oregon, WI
HI – I’m contemplating the purchase of a Funliner and trying to determine its value.

Joseph photmate2@yahoo.com Menasha, WI
1957 SeaFlash 13 - As a boy living in Northern Wisconsin we would spend our summer at our cottage on Pine Lake. I remember the day my Dad bought our new Sea Flash. I fell in love with it from day 1. With a 35 hp Johnson and a speed prop, it was fast. We would beat the big Merc 75 hps of that time. Those memories of the lake and that boat got me through some of the worst times of my tour in Vietnam. I am now 65 but everytime I think about that boat, I am 12 years old again. I would like to find one like it today.

Don grain54935@yahoo.com fond Du Lac, WI
1960 Funliner 17 - I bought this boat for 100 dollars. It came on a Quincey electric wheel company trailer that is air ride. Had torn soft top with it and no motor. Looking for parts, especially hard top and stern light.

Chris chorton4526@charter.net Oregon, WI
1978 Nineteen - Saw the boat listed on an on-line forum and went to see it. Hull and fiberglass looked good but engine was suspect and boat had known wiring problems. Picked it up for $1000. Engine and drive is the Mercruiser 120. Found manifold rusted through, carb completely gummed up, lower unit bearings shot and other issues. Did a lot of work over 10 weeks but now it seems to all be working. Look forward to an enjoyable summer.

Jonathan jsopha@wi.rr.com Pewaukee, WI
1949 13 - This boat was originally owned by Mercury Marine. I acquired it from an uncle in the early 80’s. It sat in our hay barn in northern Wisconsin for over 20 years, until being restored in 2006.

Mike miklus22@comcast.net Morgantown, WV
Looking for an AristoCraft

Leigh highplainsidoc@msn.com Cheyenne, WY
1977 9-teen -- Our boat has been in the family for 30 years, and well maintained. It has red seats that have become sun damaged. Other than that, she is a jewel.

Jake jake-jake@sbcglobal.net
Just bought a 9-Teen. I need a forum to find the easiest way to remove windshield.

John jlbwoof@aol.com

Len ahmic@vianet.ca Ahmic Harbour
1957 SeaFlash – Sold it in 1973 to get married. I really want it back….wife understands, I think!

Richard rae508153@att.net Back in the late 60’s I had a small AristoCraft (will never forget that name) with a 30 or 33 hp Johnson (did about 25 mph.) All that left is the windshield (dark blue.) Would it be of value to anyone? Thanks. Richard

CJO bigbirdy@bellsouth.net
1973 Nineteen We LOVE our AristoCraft boat. Wouldn’t trade it as it is in great shape. Approximately 700 hours.

David datorsey@yahoo.com
1957 SeaFlash 13 -- This boat was the first boat I skied behind as a young boy. It was given to me by my parents because I’ve always loved it.

Ronde ronde367@yahoo.com
1973 AristoCraft Nineteen -- I am having a problem finding a window for my 73. I have looked high and low and no luck. Can anyone help me?

Chad felker_locksmith@yahoo.com
1972 Nineteen - My wife and I decided to buy a boat at about 10:30 p.m. Friday night. AT 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning she came across a 19 foot AristoCraft on Craig’s List. She showed me the pictures and I flipped out. I had never seen such a boat. Needless to say, about 12 hours alter I was backing it down the driveway. Love it.

Steve mountainremoteyukon@hotmail.com
found an old aristocraft and would like to find out what year it is, and restore it.

Duane luvdblus50@yahoo.com
1963 AristoCraft - My folks bought the boat and 75 hp Johnson brand new. We still have the boat and original motor. Red and White and has the removable hardtop. Needs some TLC as is has not been used for several years. I am curious as to its value?

Dave boozermail@comcast.net
1977 Nineteen

Gary 40tahoe@sasktel.net Regina, SK
1970's Nineteen - Just bought my first boat and after several hours searching online photos I discovered that its an Aristo Craft 9-teen. Mine is missing all the decals. I'm glad to see they're very collectable. After a little tlc I got it running after sitting basically idle for 8 years outside uncovered and it will be hitting the water in May. I think I may try to restore it as its only missing the bow light, hand rails and hard top. It will also need a repaint and the seats rebuilt/recovered.


Don Dnappa51@gmail.com Windsor, On
1961 Funliner - Picked up my boat for 300.00. It has been sitting in storage for 9 years. Small crack in bottom of windshield. Started restoring it. Polished stainless, changed all screws, getting ready for paint top half. Is originally black. Can't make up my mind if black or should go red. Pic to come, any info on my boat would be appreciated thanks

Leonard leonardtopple@gmail.com Kelowna, BC
1973 Nineteen

Shayne shaynemalone@hotmail.com Sudbury, ON
1961 AristoCraft Brian and Lorraine baphelan@hotmail.com Petawawa, ON 1956 SeaFlash - I first heard about this boat by an employee of a local lumber company. It had been in the family matriarchs garage for over 30 years. When I approached the owner he had actually forgot the boat was there. It took a number of years to finally acquire it from the family but was worth the wait. It was completely original but without the motor. It is now equipped with a late 1950's Mercury 35hp identical to its' original. Photos to follow.

Brock brocksale2YMAIL.COM0@shelby.websitewelcome.com
On admirer at present remember the typhoon from my childhood hope to own same, some day!!

Gord godrobi@gmail.com Toronto, Ontario
1957 Torpedo - I bought this boat in 1962 and ran it off and on for the next 35 years with a Mercury Mark 78A. I had to replace part of the bottom in the 89’s. It has been in storage for the past 12 years but I plan to restore it and the motor over the next year.

John & Vicki jrag@nexicom.net Peterborough, Ontario
2005 Torpedo – We recently purchased this beautiful boat on a visit to Cape Cod. It will now have a new home in the Kawartha Lakes on the Trent Severn Waterway that runs between Trenton on Lake Ontario up to Georgian Bay through two of the worlds largest operating lift locks.

Trent trent_reeve@yahoo.com North Vancouver, BC
1964 Funliner - I just purchased this boat five days ago. It needs plenty of work as it has been neglected for years. I plan to water test it this weekend.

Ben bencarnegie@gmail.com Victoria, BC
1974 9-Teen -- Just got it. Love the design and the hull construction. Came with 165 HP (needs rebuild perhaps,) hard top and canvas and trailer, all original.

James jamrol@hotmail.com Sudbury, ON
1962 Funliner -- Bought mine out of a boat on Manitoulin Island with a 1986 85 merc. Gros great. Pictures to come.

Darrell darrellfudge@hotmail.com C.B.S. Newfoundland, Canada
AristoCraft 19 - I purchased this boat 4 years ago and the motor was frozen and the block split. The stern drive was mangled form somebody trying to do repairs that didn’t know what they were doing. All the flotation foam under the floor was soaked and water logged. As for upholstery, there was none. She was in rough shape to say the least. But, I got a new motor, had the stern drive rebuilt, all the foam put back in the floor, and all new upholstery. It is going in the water this year – don’t know what year she is. Hoping somebody can help me out. Not too many AristoCraft boats in Newfoundland. Thanks.

Brock brocksale@ymail.com Toronto, ON
Admirer….hope to own a Typhoon one day.

Richard rlariviere@videotron.ca Montreal, QC
1956 Torpedo 14 - My father bought this boat in 1965 from a Custom officer who relocated from Texas to Maine. He was further relocated to another USA-Canada border somewhere and he did not want to get the boat shipped to his new location. It had a 30 hp Evinrude motor (which is still usable) but I replaced it with a Yahama 40 hp for better water skiing. We regularly pull two skiers and sometimes three. I repainted/varnished the whole boat and reinforced the stern in 1994 with West system epoxy. It is solid as new. The comments I get from people on the lake is: should you want to sell it, call me first. Best regards – Richard

Fabrice Fabriceequer@me.com Lausanne Typhoon
12 and Torpedo 14 - I am in love with the design of the boats, I have decided to show and demonstrate them in Switzerland, France and Italy. I am sharing the AristoCraft enthusiasm with 3 boys.

A Beck summerday@gmx.de Germany
AristoCraft Torpedo -- Hallo, I have found a Torpedo. Will you help me?

Trevor bartho@activ8.net.au Adelaide, South Australia 1978 AristoCraft Nineteen - I bought my AristoCraft in 2003. I use it every summer. I am not in the process of restoration and need parts, mainly the three piece windshield. Will send photos at a later date. Regards – Trevor in Australia

Simon simonster@mail.com Wormerveer, The Netherlands
19? Torpedo 14 -- What can I saw, couldn’t believe my eyes…an AristoCraft on a Dutch Ebay site! Had a good long look at the photos, maybe it’s a reproduction? The ad did not say anything about make/year/model. So, today I went to the owner and now she is mine! There is a lot of work on her and most of the hardware is missing, but next summer she is on the water again!


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